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How we chose the best Gaming Headset

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Gaming Headset

After speaking with dedicated gamers, it became evident that the primary purpose of a headset is to allow you to chat easily online while still hearing your in-game surroundings precisely.

After evaluating the comments from our players, we narrowed down these characteristics to a few crucial aspects that assure you’ll have a wonderful time both online and offline.

Most important factor

The most important factor to consider while selecting the finest gaming headsets under 30 dollars. Gamers spend an inordinate amount of time connected and playing their favorite titles. When you and your teams are working long hours and pushing themselves to the limit to defeat the next boss, it is critical that you and your teammates are comfortable and that your headset does not cause weariness or pain.

Nothing is more frustrating than having to call a halt to a great session with your pals due to your headset squeezing your ears excessively. That is why we prioritized comfort when selecting a headset. No matter how good the audio is or how good the microphone is, none of that matters if the item is too painful to operate.

When it comes to comfort, there are numerous critical elements to consider. To begin, earpieces must comfortably fit on or over the ears. It is critical that the earpieces do not force against or deform the cartilage in your ears. Second, a well-padded and easily adjustable headband is critical for a comfortable fit that will keep you online for hours.

Additionally, the quality of the foam cushioning and its coating contribute to comfort. Superior pads are constructed of memory foam and have a breathable cover that keeps your ears cool and dry throughout extended sessions.

While many manufacturers can get carried away when it comes to packing a headset with amenities, one of the most frequently overlooked elements in headset comfort is the overall weight. Heavier headsets amplify any discomfort caused by insufficient cushioning or an improper fit. In the case of gaming headsets, a lighter is always preferable.

Additional factors to consider when selecting the finest gaming headset

Sound Quality

According to our study of gamers, the second most essential aspect of video gaming headphones, after comfort, was the sound quality. This characteristic is determined by the frequency range of the sound and the audio decoding system used.

The frequency range of sounds refers to the range of noises that the headset’s speakers are capable of creating. Due to the fact that modern games contain increasingly rich and bright audio, being able to hear the minute nuances can significantly enhance the gaming experience.

The size and type of the speaker driver is another critical component of speaker sound quality. This is the section of the speaker that converts electrical signals to sound waves. The materials used in speaker drivers have a significant impact on the sound quality. The majority of speaker drivers in gaming headsets are 40mm or 50mm in diameter. Larger drivers will be able to provide more sound, but will also be heavier.

Audio decoding is another factor that contributes to the overall quality of your audio experience. While directional stereo sound is the bare minimum for a gaming headset, many newer models incorporate compatibility for surround sound up to 7.1 channels. Surround sound is a critical feature of audio quality when choosing a headset. It is the feature that enables you to discern the direction from which noises, such as your adversaries’ footsteps, originate.

While actual multi-channel surround sound is not accessible in cheap headsets, manufacturers have devised virtual surround sound systems to replicate the effects found in more costly gaming headsets under $100.

Microphone Distortion

Any online gamer worth their salt has encountered it before: a buddy who blasts everyone with each and every breath and all of their room’s background noises. When choosing a headset, it is critical that the microphone has noise cancellation capabilities to avoid broadcasting every word your mother yells at you from across the room. Additionally, headsets can include directional microphones. This tool can assist in preventing environmental noise pollution from reaching your employees.

Noise Canceling

Hearing every aspect of the audio is crucial for an immersive gaming experience. To ensure that you never miss a beat, many headsets have noise-canceling technology that seeks to block out ambient sounds.

Active or passive noise cancellation is possible

Passive noise cancellation technology is primarily comprised of sound-dampening earpieces that effectively block outside sounds by snugly wrapping foam around your ears. In addition to having sound-dampening earpieces, active noise canceling headsets generate audio waves to cancel out ambient noise in the room. 

Different gamers will have varying levels of interest in the outside world. Active noise cancellation is a desirable feature for people seeking immersion. If, on the other hand, you’re concerned about hearing the ring of a phone or doorbell, simple passive noise cancellation will strike a balance between immersion and accessibility.


Finally, if you’re going to enjoy your new gaming headset, it’s critical that it connects to your device. While wireless connections are common with high-end headsets, the economic market is limited to USB or 3.5mm audio jack connections.

The traditional 3.5mm audio jack is incredibly sturdy and adaptable. They may be plugged into your PC, iPhone, stereo, or laptop, among other devices. They are, however, less sensitive than modern USB connections and have a substantially lower data transfer rate.

USB cables have the distinct advantage of transmitting both power and data to the headset. This connection is particularly advantageous because it enables headsets to power technologies such as active noise cancellation without the usage of batteries in the earpieces.

This benefit is extremely convenient and contributes to weight reduction, which improves headset comfort.

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