How Windows PC Spy App Works

How Windows PC Spy App Works

There are scores of applications rightly available in the spy market enabling user to keep tabs on a digital device without having physical access. Using a spy app, the user can monitor a smartphone, tablet or computer device. The technology is playing a significant role in business community as it enables employers to remotely supervise employees’ digital behavior. In this article, we have discussed how spy app for computers works and what are most advanced features offered by top-notch spy solution.

Windows PC Monitoring Software

The Windows PC monitoring software enables the end-user to remotely supervise activities performed on a personal computer running Windows operating system. Once you install the software on the targeted PC, you can track the device via web portal or online control panel of the spyware. The software enables employers and parents to closely watch out digital behavior of employees and offspring. They can keep an eye on computer usage of their concerned persons to prevent them from unwanted acts.

How PC Tracker Works

To keep track of a computer device without access, you need to get it installed with tracking software. Choose a reliable software and download and install it on the targeted Windows desktop or laptop computer. After installation, the software gets access to specific data saved on the device. Also, it seeks access to certain features of the device such as camera, microphone and screen recording. The end-user of the software can track the device via a web portal or an online control panel. The data of targeted device can be retrieved and different commands can be sent to the device via online portal.

What Can Windows Tracker Do

The spy software can performs several actions on the targeted computer device as per direction of the end-user. We have discussed here core features of TheOneSpy Windows PC monitoring software to help you understand what you can do using it.

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Screen Recording

Using the Windows tracking software, you can keep an eye on digital activities of your concerned person. The employers can find out what their employees are doing on computers in real-time. And Parents can capture computer activities of their children to ensure they use their machines for productive purposes. The software needs command for screen recording. The end-user can send command via online control panel for capturing screen in form of short video or screenshots.

Remote Control Camera

The software does only capture activities performed on Windows machine but it also allows witnessing events happening in the vicinity of the target computer device. So the end-user can see and record what is happening in the surrounding of a windows computer. The software lets you turn on camera of the targeted computer device to see and capture surroundings in form of images and videos.

Remote Control MIC

As well as camera, the microphone of monitored Windows computer can also be turned on remotely. It enables the end-user to listen and record surrounding sounds and voices.

Access Browsing History

Supervising the internet usage of employees and children is crucial to prevent them from visiting unproductive and objectionable websites. The software secretly syncs the internet browsing history and bookmarks of the targeted Windows computer. Then, it uploads the browsing details to the web portal from where the end-user can check it out.

Get Usage Reports

The software for Windows PC monitoring provides user-friendly reports explaining the usage. It lets you know which software, computer programs and websites were frequently used on the targeted machine.

Website Blocking

If you want your concerned persons not to visit certain websites, you can block access to those particular websites with the help of spy software. And you can block a website by putting its URL on the online control panel to filter the site. You can also block websites of a particular category by blocking a specific category. Moreover, the software allows blocking websites containing certain keywords or phrases.


The software records strokes applied to the keyboard of the monitored Windows computer. And it enables the end-user to retrieve keylogs of passwords, email addresses and online credentials.

Track GPS Location

The software lets you find out the current GPS location the targeted Windows PC. Also, it provides location history and detail of tours made by the object.

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