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How Wisesolution’s VPS South Africa is Beneficial for Growing Websites?

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The consideration of the right hosting server is a must if your aim is to grow your website and earn profit. Once your website starts to develop, it certainly acquires more traffic. It is essential to handle and manage the web traffic properly. Or else, your website’s performance can get highly affected. This will eventually lead you to lose your potential customers and expected profit. 

When you host your website on a reliable hosting server, it is made sure that your site works efficiently round-the-clock. Since the advancement of virtualization technology, users have highly tilted towards purchasing the VPS South Africa. What makes them pick the virtual private server to host their site? How has VPS hosting South Africa overshadowed shared server hosting in the past recent years? Let us find out in the following segments. 

VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting 

In the following section we will discuss the difference between VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting so that you can understand the advantage of having virtual private servers.

  • The shared server is a system that is utilized by multiple users to host their websites. On the other side, the virtual private server is a piece of the system formed by partitioning the physical server. 
  • The shared server hosting makes you share the server space and its resources with hundreds or thousands of users. In contrast, you do not require to share the web resources with your neighbor users in the VPS hosting. Although you will still be sharing the physical server space. 
  • It is a fact that you cannot have a private and independent hosting environment with a shared server. But, the VPS South Africa renders the isolated and virtual platform for hosting websites.  
  • With the shared server hosting, you cannot acquire control over your server. However, you get root access to your server with virtual private server hosting. 
  • The South Africa VPS hosting makes it possible for your website to have a unique IP address. Unlike, in the shared server hosting, you do not need to share the IP address of your website with other websites.

When should you upgrade to VPS Hosting South Africa? 

We have just gone through the differences between the shared server and VPS in the previous section. They speak a lot about why a virtual private server serves better hosting services than a shared server. Let us find out when you must upgrade to VPS South Africa for hosting your website. 

1. When you are concerned about security

The virtual private server renders the secure hosting environment. That is because it enables your website to have a private platform to operate. No other outsider can get the access to intervene in your website’s functioning. Further, you can have various other enhanced security features, advanced monitoring capabilities, and more backup space with the VPS South Africa.  

2. When your website receives high traffic volume

The virtual private server hosting provides the support of dedicated resources. Further, it also renders high scalability. That means you can scale your resources or upgrade your plan as per your website’s needs. Thus, with the high availability of web resources, your website or application can work efficiently even under traffic peaks. You do not have to put your website at the risk of running slow or crashing. Especially, when you have an option to switch to a virtual private hosting plan. 

3. When you require to install custom software

As we have mentioned earlier, VPS hosting provides you access to your server. With root access, you can have the authority to customize and configure your server. You get the opportunity to install the required operating system, software, or any application. 

4. When you have a tight budget

Most users are aware that dedicated server hosting can address all the needs and issues regarding the hosting website. However, you must know it comes with a significant investment. When you are not ready for the pricier option, you can always think of VPS South Africa. Virtual private server hosting is the perfect alternative to dedicated hosting. It stimulates the functioning of a dedicated server even after making you share the same server space with users. And most importantly, the virtual private server can be bought at the most affordable cost.

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Take a Glance into Wisesolution 

About Wisesolution VPS South Africa

While you have known about when to upgrade to VPS South Africa, you must seek a reliable hosting provider. Wise Solution is one of the top-leading and renowned web hosting companies founded in 2010. The company is highly known for rendering the cheap VPS hosting South Africa in the web hosting industry. Moreover, it does not compromise with the world-class services with any cheap plan of virtual private server hosting. The company aims to provide the next level of experience to your end customers. It becomes possible for you to beat your competitors and easily grow your business in the fast-paced world with the company’s VPS hosting. Continue reading to acquire insights into its excellent features. 

Features of Wise Solution’s VPS server South Africa 

1. Regular backups

You can acquire the data backup features that can be used weekly. This will ensure the complete data security of your website. You get the possibility to store your large-sized file at a time. Moreover, you can access the entire system within a short span.

2. Enhanced Security

The Wise Solution offers VPS South Africa with the standard and superior security base. You can have server security and DDoS protection with all the entry-level VPS hosting packages. Furthermore, your website data will get security against all the cyber-attacks and data breaches.

3. Service Level Agreement

You will be provided the service level agreement with all the hosting plans. It will ensure you high privacy, 99.99% uptime network, and 24/7 technical support from experts with the company’s best VPS South Africa.

4. Choice of operating system

You can have the options of two popular operating systems that you may run at the base of your virtual private server –

  • Windows OS – Windows is a product of Microsoft, which provides a graphical user interface.
  • Linux OS – Linux is an open-source platform, which constitutes numerous features and provides high flexibility. 

Clients’ Words 

Check out what clients have to say about the Wise Solution VPS hosting services. The feedback from the clients always lets you have the right perspective about the hosting company.

Wise solution customer reviews


In a Nutshell

The virtual private server hosting is the midway path between the shared server and dedicated server hosting. Suppose you are facing limitations while hosting your website on a shared server. You can switch to VPS South Africa without spending much money. It will not only help you overcome those limitations but also acquire various privileges and benefits. You can connect to Wise Solution customer support to resolve your queries or ask for further information. The professionals of the company will be available 24/7/365 to respond to all your questions. 

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