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Hyperactive Child – What To Do With Parents, Advice Of A Psychologist

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hyperactive child

Hyperactive Child

Something different from their peers is always a difficult thing. Mummy and daddies of children with ADHD are quite difficult. From the earliest age, once diagnosed, parents need to listen to the advice of a psychologist who will give recommendations of what to do so that a hyperactive child can grow and develop, just like everyone else.

In case of suspicion of ADHD, mother and father should ask their parents. Because often such a problem in childhood is they and themselves, and here is an inheritance. If the child is hyperactive, what to do – the parents are unclear, and they turn to the psychologist for advice.

Suppose there are no developmental classes that require some perseverance from an early age with a child or attend a kindergarten with similar activities. In that case, the problem may manifest itself clearly when the child is sitting at a table. After all, it is at this age that a child must begin to control his emotions, which hyperactive children cannot do.

Features of a hyperactive child

How do you understand that the child has a problem? After all, parents often put such a diagnosis based on his unpretentious behavior, inability to sit for long periods in place, and disobedience. Sometimes these signs may indicate ADHD. But the final judgment is made by the doctor who observes the child, conducts testing on special tables, and looks for deviations from the norms. You should pay attention when a son or daughter:

  • He does not sit quietly for a minute. All the time, he takes on a new business, not completing what he started;
  • Too sensitive, not enough to respond to criticism, “close” himself, if he hears something negative in his address;
  • Cannot think for more than 5-10 minutes (depending on age);
  • There is nothing to be interesting in;
  • Is prone to freedom, even if the request makes recently.

How to help a hyperactive child?

Due to the peculiarities of the brain structure, children with hyperactivity do not know well and do not listen to their parents. Therefore, they can not punish it because they cannot control themselves.

Suppose the diagnosis of hyperactivity and attention deficit is made. In that case, the doctor will certainly provide recommendations on how parents should behave with their future babies to improve their quality of life and enable children to realize themselves. In social status no worse than their peers:

How parents should behave with their future babies to improve their quality of life

  1. For children with increased nervous-motor excitability. A clear daily routine is mandatory, which should not vary depending on the conditions, even the slightest deviation from the daily ritual. A clearly defined time can cause an uncontrolled surge of energy in the child.
  2. Parents should reconsider their life, their behavior towards the hyperactive child, such as punishment. Anger at him for bad behavior is meaningless, leading to unnecessary nervousness, which affects the baby and is not easy for him to survive.
  3. Individual sports are very beneficial, directing large potential energy into the peaceful channel cool drawing ideas, and allowing motor functions. But team games in any manifestation, where there is a spirit of rivalry banned.
  4. A child needs to attend a private kindergarten, where they will be given more attention. Because, in a large collective, such a child can be a real problem for both students and educators. At school age, hyperactivity partially controlled. But it is still necessary to establish a relationship with the class teacher, who will take care of the baby’s individuality.
  5. In a hyperactive child, the system of incentives works well, not the penalties. It should only be temporary. For example, a child will receive a day, a smile, or another sign of honor. If they do the right thing, but not for an indefinite period, but in a strictly defined framework.
  6. Children with ADHD at first glance suffer from forgetfulness, although it is only a trait. That’s why you can’t give up long-term tasks and wait for them to come true. Because, at some time or the next day, the child won’t remember about it. But not because of their lack of thinking.

In addition to lifestyle correction, the doctor may recommend treatment. The specialist must provide full information about prescription drugs. As many of them have not been tested in humans. Therefore, the final option in favor of treatment is for little non -attendant parents.

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