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Ignite Your Instagram: 20 Winning Growth Tactics

by John Milton
Ignite Your Instagram

Taking Instagram seriously as an ambitious influencer, business, or brand will open the doors for overwhelming growth. The trust and confidence in businesses reaching their audience through Instagram has grown immensely in recent years. It is vital to utilize trust and confidence in the right way. In order to win the attention of the target audience and register growth, it is important to indulge yourself in tactics that will distinguish you from the rest of the competing crowd. Also, this will pave the way for skyrocketing Instagram growth. 

But what must be done to achieve the skyrocketing growth on Instagram is still a mystery for many. Breaking the mystery, we have out-listed 20 winning growth tactics. 

Scroll through, understand, and implement them in your upcoming posts to feel what Instagram success looks like. 

20 Winning Growth Tactics 

  1. Be Active

Being active on Instagram is vital to succeed on Instagram. This can be achieved by engaging and interacting with the audience. Being active on Instagram also means being responsibly active. It is highly recommended not to indulge in any offensive or unlawful content to stay active. 

  1. Consistency 

Posting frequently on Instagram is important to have well-performing statistics. It is also one of the best ways to reach more audience. Consistency will push your posts to the top of the feed which will open the doors for many audiences to interact with and respond to the posts. 

  1. Creativity 

With the number of people looking to succeed on Instagram, it is important to find a unique way to reach the audience. Being creative with the content and using the available features of Instagram to attain creativity must be a mandatory part of your content strategy to succeed. 

  1. User-Generated Content

Keeping the audience in mind is vital while creating content. The content must be compelling and must make the audience fall for your content. They must have the urge to engage with the content. 

  1. Capture The Trend 

Instagram trends are one of the best ways to win on the platform. Trends are the captivating ideas that have caught the attention of maximum people on Instagram. When you are keeping up with the latest trends, you will be noticed by many people. Also, the audience will be convinced of your efforts on the platform and will start looking for your content. 

  1. Experiment 

Instagram has a wide array of features. Trying your hands on all the features of Instagram is important to attain growth. This will distinguish your posts and content from the crowd. Also, you will be able to enhance the structure of your content by using these advanced features. This will also help you to learn the formulas for success. For instance, stories are one of the captivating features on Instagram. Leveraging stories for maximum growth is a wise move to win on the platform. 

  1. Diversify Your Theme 

Working on a single theme for all your content will cause a sense of boredom among the audience. There are chances of not attaining the anticipated reach with the mono theme. Choose an interesting and captivating theme to captivate your audience and be on the leaderboard. 

  1. Use Hashtags 

Hashtags are the keywords that are used by the audience to find the most relevant content. Using the right hashtags for your content will make your content travel a long way in the platform. When you are structuring your content with the right hashtags, your reach will be more than anticipated. 

  1. Use Captivating Captions 

Captions must be well crafted to communicate your thoughts and opinions to the audience. Using the right words for captions will make the audience eager to respond and engage with your content. 

  1. Make Creative Descriptions 

Descriptions are a pathway to achieving a good impression among the audience. Descriptions have the potential to elevate the performance of the posts as many audiences are attached to the habit of viewing the post after seeing the description. Choosing wise and catchy words for descriptions is an art that must be learned to achieve fame on Instagram.

  1. Collaborate 

Collaborations are one of the highly beneficial tools for reaching out to wider audiences. There are many influencers on Instagram who are making active collaborations to help budding businesses and brands. Choosing the right people to collaborate with is one of the finest ways to make your investment worth it. Doing thorough research on the person you are choosing to collaborate with will help you to reach the target audience effectively. 

  1. Post At The Right Time 

Prime time is the hours of the day when most of the users are active on Instagram. When your posts land on Instagram during peak hours, they will be viewed by more people. This will also be one of the finest ways to boost your likes. Also, there will be an escalation in the engagement and response rate when you are posting at peak hours. It is important to note that the peak hours change for the days of the week. Make a table of the peak hours of all the days of the week and keep it handy. 

  1. Quality Content

Maintaining the quality of the content from the initial stages of working towards Instagram growth is important. Quality is the sole feature that will create an impression among the audience. Poor quality content will make the audience skip the post which will drastically lower the engagement rate. Keep quality as a constant factor for all your posts. 

  1. Geotag The Posts 

Marking the location for your posts will maximize your reach. People from a particular geographical location will be able to find you and will also interact with your content. For instance, if you are visiting a famous tourist destination or a restaurant, tagging the location will make your posts appear on the top of the feed, thus increasing your reach. 

  1. Respond To The Audience 

Taking time to respond to the comments and DM’s of the audience will create a positive impression. Also, you can get to know the audience’s response when you are interacting with them. More comments on your posts will increase the statistics for your posts. This will increase the reach of your posts. 

  1. Go Live On Instagram 

Going live on Instagram occasionally will connect the audience more with you. They will open up to you and the audience will also be able to see a lively version of you. A positive impression will also be spread among the audience as you take the time to interact with them. 

  1. Show BTS

Behind the scenes is one of the attractive ideas to attract and retain the audience. As the audience expects a break from the routine, it can be effectively filled by posting behind the scenes. If you are a brand, you can show the curation of your products. If you are an influencer, you can showcase the struggles behind getting the perfect output. 

  1. Make Your Employees Talk 

Employees are an inevitable part of any business. When you are capturing the emotions and opinions of your employees, the audiences will know who is behind making the products and services that are being delivered to them. Also, a sense of trust and confidence will be framed when you show your employees and business place. 

  1. Post Customer Reviews 

If you are a business or a brand that sells products and services, you can post reviews of your customers. It is important to make sure that they are your loyal customers. If you are an influencer, you can post direct messages to people who have benefited from your content. 

  1. Utilize Analytics 

Analytics are the key to succeeding on Instagram. It is vital to check the insights regularly to know if you are going on the right track. Also, you will be able to reframe your Instagram strategies according to the statistics. 


Making these strategies a part of your social media strategy will be of great help as all of the vital elements have been mentioned here in the blog. Reframing and structuring your content accordingly is a wise move to shine with flying colors. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to utilize these growth tactics right from the beginning to climb up the success ladder real quickly.

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