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How to Import Chart of Accounts While Moving QuickBooks to Another Location

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How to Import Chart of Accounts While Moving QuickBooks to Another Location

Are you moving your QuickBooks Chart of Account from the old system to the new system?

Are you afraid of importing all the data that takes you a lot of time? What if there is automated software that helps you to do so?

If you are transferring your QuickBooks account from one location to another or from one system to other; then you have to import all the accounts to import the chart of accounts from one location to another. Here in this article, you get to know how you can import a chart of accounts into QuickBooks.

What is a Chart of Account and why it is important?

The QuickBooks Chart of Accounts is the list of all the accounts that are running into your QuickBooks account. It shows all the balances of each account. These accounts are used for the transaction’s categorizations on all things. These things can be reports, sales forms, or tax forms. From here you get to know about each account’s transactions and their money as well.

The chart of accounts is important as it has information on all the accounts, their transactions, and how much money each account has. If you shift your QuickBooks software, then you have to shift all the data from one location to another by first export all the data and then import it to QuickBook’s new location.

What account types do Chart of Accounts have?

In the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts, there are a lot of accounts listed so here you get to know about it types that are found here. The account types in the QuickBooks Chart of Accounts are as follows:

  1. Expenses– All the transactions that are done related to the business operations like rent, advertisement, office supplies, etc.
  2. Liabilities– The money or things you owe but have not paid yet are counted as your liabilities.
  3. Assets– These are the records of the purchases for the things that you have or buy. Such as buildings, vehicles, equipment, and many other assets that you are using for your business.
  4. Income– The payments that you get into your business that is regular or at intervals. These incomes are like sales income or revenue for the services that you are providing.

So these are the types of accounts that are running into your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts list. All accounts are must to transfer so that they won’t affect your financial status or the balance sheet that you made.  You have to Import Vendor Into QuickBooks first when you are switching QB from one to another location.

Now, you get to know that you have to transfer all the accounts from your QuickBooks chart of accounts.

How Dancing Numbers will help to import Charts of Account data in a single click?

The Dancing Numbers software is the service-based software that provides you 3 services. These 3 services are import, export, and delete services. Here you get to know about the import service that how Dancing numbers help you to import Chart of Accounts into QuickBooks software.

As you see that this software imports all the lists and transactions into your QuickBooks account. So, the list of accounts into your Chart of Accounts can easily be exported from an older location and then imported to the newer location.

Let’s talk about Dancing Numbers software that what it does for you in importing process. This software is fully compatible with all versions and editions of Dancing Numbers. It provides all 3 services for transferring data of lists and transactions to and from QuickBooks. You can import all types of lists and transactions to and from your QuickBooks account without any problem. It automates the process so that you can utilize that amount of time into your business, in some other work, or somewhere you like to spend it. The process is too easy that can be done very fast and accurately.

To import Chart of Accounts into QuickBooks, you have to open both the application on the same system or server. After that, you have to go into Dancing Numbers software and select the Import option. It takes you further where you have to upload the file that you want to import. Then you have to fill few fields and map them according to the QuickBooks account. When the fields are mapped, you can review them. If there are any changes then do it and continue it. In the end when everything is ok then click on the Import button. The import process is now automatically done by the software itself. When it is done then it shows you the message successfully done or completed.

So, the whole process is so easy and done accurately. As everything is imported that is required for your Chart of Accounts. In QuickBooks that is related to the account, you are using.


You get to know about the Dancing Numbers software how it can help you to import your data into your QuickBooks account. There are things that can be imported easily using this software. It made everything so smooth when you are changing your QuickBooks from one location to another. First export and then import all the lists and transactions to and from QuickBooks using Dancing Numbers.

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