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Improved tips for online school management

by John Milton
Improved tips for online school management

Education and educational institutions have undergone a lot of transformation during the pandemic. A major change was in the medium through which classes were held. cool scan now adopts various tools which are effective for being utilized through a learning management system or school LMS.

Multiple educational institutions are already using advanced features and tools as guided by the ERP. However, some institutions are yet to find the best alternatives to offline classes. While making the choice, schools and universities have to consider the overall impact on students by making use of such features. 

Meaning of student management system

Students are the most important part of every educational institution, teachers coming second since the responsibility of every student relies mostly on these educators. Teachers are responsible for managing and monitoring a lot of student information, organizing lectures assessments, and so on. all of this is a part of the student management system.

In short, we can say that a student management system is an overall guideline provided by the ERP through an LMS and educators for smooth functioning of everyday classes, online or offline.

Such a system can be efficient only if;

  • The online system can be customized, scaled, and flexible.
  • Educators and office staff can monitor and manage student data not only at the time of admission and registration but also during the sessions.
  • It is convenient for school authorities to handle enrolment, registration, and other student information with the help of such a system.


  • Information can be coordinated and organized efficiently.
  • Tracking of student performance.
  • Accessing student information hassle-free.
  • Saving extra effort, time, and expense.
  • Various branches of the school could be over-seed and coordinated simultaneously.

Tools of the student management system

  • Online attendance software

Tracking and managing student attendance manually while taking an online class could be a lot of hassle. Thus, online attendance software could be included in the LMS so that it can be accessed by teachers and students on both ends.


  • Students can log in and log off timely without being instructed before every class.
  • Teachers can track student attendance, including breaks taken in between a lecture.
  • Detailed record on how much time I student has spent on every session, including accessing resources and attending classes.
  • Timetable management

Both educators and students have a different timetables for managing their classes because one subject teacher it’s not responsible for overall progress. This is why two separate timetable management systems could be included or the same managing software can have different branches accessible by educators and students individually. 


  • Avoids confusion among students.
  • Regularity in attending classes.
  • Regularity in assignment submission.
  • Ease of access.
  • Efficient time management, low chances of error, and reduced workload for teachers.
  • Assignment management

Educational institutions have greatly neglected the need for an assignment management system because it can be included as a feature in the LMS. However, for specialized courses and universities, an assignment management system can serve as an important tool to avoid losing data.


  • Submitted assignments can be reviewed by students and teachers, and changed a given number of times.
  • Makes the assignment easy since students do not procrastinate and could be reminded so notifications by the software.
  • Resources and subject data accessibility for students are widely available.
  • Students rely on teachers through immediate feedback.
  • Fees management

The process of generating and receiving fees for schools has been in view even before the pandemic. Parents don’t have the time to submit the fee in cash some institutions recommend payment through a particular financial institution or medium of payment only. With a fee management software, a lot of workloads could be eased for accountants, and parents can pay fees from anywhere, at any given time without having to stand in a queue.


  • Reduces costs from the school budget spent on staff members in accounting.
  • Flexible timing and payment options for students and parents.
  • Safe transfer of fees.
  • Parents can also keep track with the help of notifications from their bank in case the payment fails.


All of these management systems are the basics of every student management system. Apart from this, schools can also coordinate Co-curricular activities and other requirements with the help of similar means.

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