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Incredibly Easy Hacks To Dramatically Improve Your Home’s Look

by John Milton
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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the home decor trends and styles. Luckily, it’s also easy to freshen up your space with a few simple tweaks that require minimal investment. Here are six simple hacks for making your home look like new without breaking the bank:

Clean your blinds.

Cleaning your blinds is an easy way to give your home a makeover.

If you’re using a cloth, use warm water and mild detergent to clean the blinds. If you want to vacuum them, use the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner instead of the hard plastic bristle brush–it will be gentler on the fabric covering of your blinds and won’t catch or tear it as easily. 

If you have access to a steam cleaner (and most people do!), use this instead: it will eliminate dirt that has built up over time without damaging any part of the blinds themselves! Finally, if none of these options are available, but all else fails–try using an old soft cotton cloth!

Swap out your shower curtain.

If you’re still using a shower curtain that has seen better days, it’s time to replace it. While you might think that a new shower curtain doesn’t impact your home’s aesthetic much, this is one of the easiest ways to give your bathroom an instant makeover.

The first step in choosing the right one is making sure the size matches the dimensions of your shower and tub. If you need help determining the best length, take measurements before purchasing anything! 

You can also learn more about how much space different types of curtains will take up by checking out our article on How To Measure For A Shower Curtain. Once this step is complete (and assuming everything else goes well), all that remains is keeping things clean and dry–if mold starts growing behind, there will be some big problems!

Make a statement with rugs and mats.

  • Rugs and mats are a great way to add color and texture to any room. They’re also easy to clean, so you can use them anywhere in your home without worrying about getting stains on them.
  • Have an area rug that needs some love? If not, consider purchasing one! They’re perfect for covering up stains on hardwood floors or carpeting–and they’ll make it look like you have more space in your living room than ever!

Create a statement piece by adding a table in an unexpected place.

If you’re looking for a way to add drama and interest to your home but want to avoid the hassle of painting or reupholstering furniture, try using a small table as a focal point in your room. The table can be an accent piece that draws attention from other room parts and adds visual interest with its shape and color (the example above uses an oversized round coffee table).

This hack will help create conversation areas for entertaining guests or hanging out with friends. It can also make rooms feel larger by breaking up large expanses of space with smaller pieces like this one- there’s no need for long stretches between furniture anymore!

Curb your kitchen clutter with a vertical storage solution.

  • Get a magnetic knife rack for your knives and other cutlery, or buy one that can be mounted on the wall with suction cups instead of installing it permanently.
  • A pegboard is another excellent option for storing pots, pans, and cooking tools like spatulas or measuring cups. It’s easy to install with screws in any spot with room on the wall (or even in the kitchen cupboard).
  • If space is limited, but you still need someplace to keep sponges, scrubbers, and cleaning solutions handy–and out of sight–try using an over-the-sink paper towel holder instead!

Get more light in the kitchen with an over-the-door basket.

You can buy an over-the-door basket in various sizes and colors at a hardware store. Use it to keep cleaning supplies or grocery bags handy in the kitchen or store your keys so they’re always within reach when needed.

Use inexpensive shelves to add storage to a small bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, shelves can be great for storing towels and other toiletries. You can also use them to store cleaning supplies or extra toilet paper so they’re out of sight but still easily accessible when needed.

Replace those boring light switches with something interesting (like this one).

You know that light switch that’s been staring at you for years? It’s time to eliminate it and replace it with something interesting.

You don’t have to go all out with antique-looking brass switches, but plenty of great options will give your home some character.

Buy vintage-style light switches from Etsy or Amazon (or make your own). If you want something more modern, try this one from IKEA! You can also find them in the hardware section at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores. They come in various colors, styles, and finishes, so there should be something for everyone!

Check out these ideas if you’re looking for simple ways to freshen your home!

Check out these ideas if you’re looking for simple ways to freshen your home! They’re easy and inexpensive and make your home look great.

  • Paint the walls. This is obvious, but it’s worth mentioning because painting can dramatically affect how your space feels. It can help brighten up a room or give it a new color scheme that will bring in more light (or hide stains). If walls have best-before dates (like those in older homes), now is the time to paint them before they start peeling off completely!
  • Replace ugly light fixtures with new ones that match your style better–you don’t need anything fancy here. If everything fails, immediately get new bulbs instead of splurging on expensive lighting fixtures. 
  • Update old furniture pieces by adding fresh fabric covers or slipcovers over top of existing ones; this way, you won’t have to spend money replacing everything at once while still getting some excellent results.
  • Update countertops by applying new laminate surfaces over existing ones–they’re very durable compared with other types, such as granite, which may crack easily after years of use.
  • Add plants everywhere possible: hanging baskets above kitchen cabinets adds visual interest without taking up much space; smaller plants work well, too, since many people prefer houseplants rather than flowers due to their low maintenance requirements (remember not to leave any containers unattended near windows where children might reach inside!).


We hope you found some inspiration from these hacks. Whether you want to update your bathroom or add a little pizzazz to your kitchen, there are many simple ways to make your home feel new again. And if all else fails? Just give it a good cleaning! Check out Awesome design and decor for 2023!

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