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7 Disturbing Instagram Problems and Solutions

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7 Disturbing Instagram Problems and Solutions, over the years, Instagram has ceased to be a photo-sharing platform and has become a full-fledged social media network. However, it still has annoying aspects, and we share their solutions with you.

Instagram is currently leading the most famous social media applications. With direct messages, IGTV and more, Instagram offers its users many features. However, in this development process, Instagram has bypassed resolving several annoying problems. Independent developers instead of the Instagram team found solutions to these problems. Here are these problems and their solutions:

The way to put more than one link in your box:

Instagram has a strict policy against links. You can only have one link in your Bio and the links you put in the description of your posts are not clickable. To solve this, you need to open a Link. Bio account, so you can share multiple links on your profile. While in Link. Bio, you can add as many links as you want and create a common URL for them.

Share others’ posts on your own homepage:

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram still lacks the option to share posts. However, you can solve this situation with a 3rd party application. All you have to do is copy the link of the post and paste it into the third party application. You can also share videos in these third-party apps.

You can find the Repost app for Instagram here for Android, here for iOS.

Downloading posts:

You need to use third-party apps to download videos or photos on Instagram. The applications on Google Play can sometimes be insufficient, but thanks to a website called IgVideoDownloader, you can download the desired post by simply copying its links.

You can reach Ig Video Downloader here.


Put a line break in the post comments:

One of the most annoying events is not being able to put a line break when writing the comments of the posts you share on Instagram. The solution to this is to put an invisible space symbol where you want to make a line break. Thanks to the application named Insta-Space, you can put this invisible space.

You can download Insta-Space for Android here, for iOS.

Uploading posts from your computer:

In essence, it is still a mobile-based social media platform and does not yet have many features on the computer. These include sharing posts. The solution to this is to open Instagram’s mobile application in your browser. In browsers like Opera, Chrome or Firefox, this is not possible, but thanks to the Vivaldi browser, you can use your browser as an emulator, that is, you can open mobile applications from your browser.

Reduce data and power consumption:

Like other Facebook apps, it is a power and data absorber on Instagram. If you are not careful, you may have paid your internet monthly fee only for Instagram. We suggest you switch to Instagram Lite to solve this problem. Instagram Lite, a version where dazzling parts are thrown, consumes your data and battery-less.

Using direct messaging (DM) via computer:

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use the messaging feature on Instagram via computer. If you want to use messaging instead of sharing a post from the Vivaldi browser we mentioned earlier, there is an application for this too: IG: dm.

IG: You can download dm to your computer from here.

There are many ways that Instagram needs to go. Until then, you can solve these problems using these apps. Do not forget to follow our site for more.


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