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Is DIY ceramic coatings safe to apply?

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Is DIY ceramic coatings safe to apply?

You may have heard about ceramic coatings and want to know if it is safe to do it on your own. 

Is DIY ceramic coatings safe to apply?

You may have heard about ceramic coatings and want to know if it is safe to do it yourself. Searching the web, you will likely come across ‘miracle coatings,’ ‘DIY ceramic coating or ‘Graphene Coatings.’ They are considered to be ‘easy to apply’ without requiring professional assistance. But the question is, where to buy the bay area ceramic coating and, are these products safe enough to be applied by yourself?

About professional ceramic coating

It is considered to be a chemical formulation that is highly concentrated. It consists of lab-created ingredients. They are not safe to consume, inhale or even apply on the hands. It is a sticky liquid that acts like super glue once it hardens within seconds. DIY Ceramic Car Coating products also come with such characteristics. Nitrile protective gloves are offered with most DIY coating kits.

Can you use the protective coating products by yourself? It would help if you used them only in a well-ventilated area and on wearing appropriate protective equipment. But before doing so, you need to be aware of the ingredients used in its formation. Knowing them in detail will protect you if you accidentally get exposed to any harmful component.

What ingredients are present in the ceramic coating product?

The typical coasting is considered to be nano liquid polymer. Various ingredients combine to generate a tough protective layer for metal, gals, vinyl wrap, etc., including the car’s paintwork. DIY and professional coating is said to have a longer lifespan when compared to wax. It improves your vehicle pant’s longevity, windshield visibility while repelling brake dust from the wheels and diminishing washing frequency.

This is what is achieved by most DIY variants. But the truth is that even the best DIY nano-ceramic coating is just 50% effective when it comes to offering superior protection. This is when compared to professional-grade coating. Several factors are to be considered for car ceramic coating. Hence, no documented warranty can be found on the product’s longevity.

Moreover, no accredited detailer can be found to install them. You might come across a few mobile guys providing such services, but not pro-shops. Some companies providing DIY stuff might offer refunds if you are not satisfied with their product in two years. But contacting them will only mean a loss of just $5-10 for them. This is because it is probably the actual cost of their goods.

Tips for handling DIY Ceramic Car Coating exposure

The concentrated ceramic coating can be considered to be 180-degrees when compared to traditional wax. Carnauba paste wax is mainly created from natural ingredients. This means, even lab-created products are entirely safe to be used. You should be aware of the right ways to manage accidental exposure. Unfortunately, most companies offering DIY coatings are not found to mention the ingredients used on their site. Nor do they provide appropriate health guidelines to follow.

Skin exposure: Nitrile gloves are offered with DIY coating kits to protect your skin from sticky nano coatings. If your skin comes in contact with it, then you may experience light burns.

Inhalation: If paint coating is inhaled over an extended time, you need to take some precautionary measures. Wear a ventilator or protective mask and work only in an open space.

Swallowed or ingested: Rinse your mouth with clean water and contact the medical professional immediately.

Eye exposure: Invest in safety glasses to avoid exposure to eyes.


With some tips provided by the experts, you can use Ceramic Car Coating without taking any external assistance.

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