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Is it worth the money to insulate my home’s walls?

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Solid Wall Insulation

Is it worth it to use solid wall insulation? We get this question a lot at Danford, Brewer & Ives. People are concerned about spending more money on things they don’t understand, especially if the price is high upfront.

Installing solid wall insulation is a smart move for you to save money in the long term. Without enough insulation, it’s projected that homes may lose up to 50% of their heat through the walls – and this equates to a lot of money spent on needless high electric or gas costs.

You can save money by insulating your home’s walls, as well as energy and protecting the environment. You’ll save money, help the environment, and use less energy if you insulate your house’s walls. Here’s our explanation of why the solid wall insulation is beneficial.

What Is Solid Wall Insulation?

Cavity walls are a popular construction technique that allows for complete insulation in modern homes. Warm air is trapped within a cavity space between the inner and outer walls, rather than being released, thanks to insulating material such as foam.

Many older homes, dating from the 1920s or before, did not have cavity walls. Rather than constructing with a solid wall, they were built with what is known as a solid wall. These solid brick or stone walls are very ineffective heat insulators and result in unnecessarily large amounts of energy being lost, especially during the winter.

There is, however, a remedy. Solid wall insulation allows you to build a cavity area that may be filled with insulation. It’s most often put in homes after the existing solid wall has been topped with a second layer of the wall before being filled with insulation or other effective insulating materials.

What Are the Benefits of Solid Wall Insulation?

The initial expense and the fact that your house will be disrupted may put off property owners, but we believe that properly installed solid wall insulation is well worth it.

Let’s look at the advantages of solid wall insulation:

Keep your home warm: The addition of sound-absorbent insulation will improve your home’s energy efficiency and make it more comfortable in the winter by reducing heat loss through the walls.

Save energy: The first step in saving money on your energy bills is to choose the right insulation for your home. Foam-based closed-cell spray polyurethane is an excellent insulating material that keeps heat inside and saves you money on your energy expenses since your thermostat can be kept constant without using any more power.

Save money: Water used to keep your home comfortable is one of the costliest energy uses. Reduced water consumption leads to direct savings on your energy bill, which can help you save money over time. With continually rising energy costs, this is more essential than ever before.

Help the environment: Studies also demonstrate that, in many homes, simply adding insulation around the home’s perimeter can lower energy bills by 30%. Saving energy allows us to build a more sustainable planet for future generations by using less.

How Much Does Solid Wall Insulation Cost?

Although the expense of installing solid wall insulation might deter homeowners, it is certainly not prohibitive. The cost of internal wall insulation varies across homes, but adding it internally is the most cost-effective and least time-consuming option.

You should always hire a professional for a comprehensive survey and an accurate quote, but the cost will vary depending on the following factors:

Contact Danford, Brewer & Ives to learn more about solid wall insulation.

Is it worthwhile to invest in solid wall insulation?  For more information and assistance on solid wall insulation, please phone DBI to provide expert advice, customised to your specific needs, or arrange a comprehensive examination of your property.


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