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Is Satta matka legal in India, and where can you play it safely and legally?

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Is Satta matka legal in India, and where can you play it safely and legally?

Satta matka, also known as gambling, is played for amusement by individuals and sometimes by people who have greed for money. However, it is never guaranteed that the game will always win you a lottery. The game usually revolves around betting on numbers, and once your guessed number turns out to be correct, you win the lottery! Cnturies ago, the game started in India and gained popularity among Indians. It became a vital part of Indian culture; however, it was never made legal.

Why was Satta matka banned in India?

 The pre-independence era started in India, during which trade with European states began. Then, Satta matka was introduced, and people would bet on the opening and closing rates of cotton exchange in India. Whoever guessed them right would win lotteries. However, when the European states ended the trade with India, people were so invested in the game that they found other means of earning money. Eventually, people started betting on other items, or imaginary items were used to place the bets. With the increased popularity, the game began to flourish from Maharashtra to other states of India.

Consequently, Satta matka caught the attention of the government and a blanket ban on it. The complete ban on the gambling houses and domestic Satta matka was put into place according to the Public Gambling Act of 1867. Furthermore, anyone found playing the game was held accountable.

There were three reasons Satta matka was banned,

  1. It was considered a political issue by the Indian government. If the government lifts the ban, it will be regarded as a morally inadequate decision. Therefore, the government cared about its image as not considering people earning money with hard work.
  2. Satta matka leads to lowering the overall happiness quotient of the country as gambling can lead to substance abuse and domestic violence out of frustration which significantly affects women and children.
  3. Losing the money can lead to financial crimes in the country, such as money laundering, which will increase the crime rate in India. The country’s economy would suffer.

What are the penalties of playing Satta matka?

If anyone is caught holding or owning a house, place, or even a room, activities such as cards, betting, dice, tables, etc., will have to suffer jail time and a monetary fine. With such strict rules in India, it is considered an illegal activity. However, there are three cities in which Satta matka is legal: Sikkim, Goa, and Daman. These cities have casinos, and anyone organizing such parties is not held accountable.

Surprisingly, the public gambling act of 1867 has no mention of online Satta matka. The act applies to every gambling activity, but there is a loophole as the law does not consider online Satta matka. The states tend to take advantage of it as even if they get caught, there is no evidence that the activity was illegal. However, few states acknowledged the problem and banned the complete activities online that involved gambling. Such states are Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. As a result, it is not allowed to play Satta matka even on foreign sites. However, those sites are not blocked, but if people access them in these particular states will be penalized and held accountable.

Where can you play Satta matka safely and legally?

There is no such place in India where Satta Matka is legally allowed, although some regions still practice this game and hardly face any consequences. Sikkim, Goa, and Daman are among the most prominent states that practice Satta Matka and many other gambling games in their casinos and bars, etc. This is comparatively safe from other regions as the local authorities have considered it to play a role to enhance financial running factor through tourism as being the source of entertainment, such a factor had compelled local authorities to regard these regions with quiet leniency. Apart from it, other regions practice the Satta Matka ritual very secretly in areas like where the access of local authorities and forces are quite complex. But the gamblers are compelled to blindly trust the agents and the Matka announcers. Playing safe online Matka is quite a challenge as the site considers some important aspects, and that is, a license from the state, registration details of the company, legit associations, ‘about us page, site owner’s information, terms and conditions, privacy policies, payment options, complete contact details, winner stories, SSL encryption, defunct links, and the list goes on. Unfortunately, companies miss out on providing this critical information; hence they are a step away from legal.

There are some alternatives you can try other than playing Satta matka if you live in India. The government provides entertainment to its people in various forms that are not harmful to them. These options are,

  1. Indian government lotteries
  2. International lotteries
  3. Satta matka online variants

These sites are not only safe and secure to play. They are legal as well, and you will not be penalized. Although these sites have their drawbacks, they are legit and safe and assure that the game will be played without any fraud.

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