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Is there a link between high cholesterol and heart disease?

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Is there a link between high cholesterol and heart disease

One’s daily diet plays a very crucial role in determining cholesterol levels in the blood. However, in many cases, the most important factor isn’t how rich the food you eat is or the cholesterol you intake. Rather, it’s how the things you eat affect your body.

Figuring out the answer to this specific question needs a proper understanding regarding the relationship between the heart and blood cholesterol. To get some best treatments regarding this problem, it is best to consult the top heart hospital in Bangalore.

Today, science says that for the maximum number of people, dietary cholesterol has only a modest effect on the cholesterol level of the bloodstream, though you need to take some caution on the overall intake of cholesterol.

For best suggestions to continue the good health of your heart, you can easily contact the top heart hospital in Bangalore.

What is cholesterol, and what are its types?

Cholesterol is mainly a fat-like substance that travels around in the bloodstream in both low-density lipoproteins (LDL) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL). Cholesterol actually contributes to the structure of the membranes of every cell in the body. Thus, it is an important component of a healthy body.

Types of cholesterol

  1. LDL: LDL can carry the cholesterol to the different parts of the body that may need it. In some cases, it is referred to as the “bad cholesterol” because if you have a big amount of it in your bloodstream, it can attach to the walls of the arteries and clog them eventually.
  2. HDL: HDL is referred to as the “good cholesterol” as it can pick up cholesterol and then takes it back to the liver for the purpose of disposal.

So, as the amount of “bad cholesterol” increases in the blood, the arteries can become narrowed or blocked after some time. These narrowed or blocked arteries can resist the blood from reaching vital organs like the brain, heart, or other areas. This problem can eventually lead to health problems like heart attack, stroke, or heart failure.

The liver can produce the cholesterol that one may need. However, one can get a good amount of cholesterol from their diet as well. Thus, in common cases, the low levels of LDL and the high levels of HDL can help a lot by reducing the risks of various heart problems. For best suggestions, you can contact the top heart hospital in Bangalore.

The relation between heart disease and dietary cholesterol

Not supporting the popular belief, heart diseases are not only caused by dietary cholesterol.

Many other factors are directly involved in the disease or problems of the heart, including oxidative stress, inflammation, high blood pressure, and also the habit of smoking.

While some heart problems are often driven by the lipoproteins that are capable of carrying around cholesterol, thus dietary cholesterol has little to no effect on these problems.

However, cooking cholesterol-rich foods in high heat can cause the development of oxysterols. Scientists have suggested that high blood levels of these oxysterols may work as a cause of the development of some heart problems, but further evidence is required to create a solid statement.

Thus, some better-quality studies have already shown that dietary cholesterol is not directly associated with the risk of facing heart problems. High cholesterol foods such as eggs have proved to be healthy for health. Hence, to get some expert ideas, it is better to contact the top heart hospital in Bangalore.


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