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Is watching a movie in cinema good for health?

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Is watching a movie in cinema good for health?

Everybody likes to go to the cinema on the big screen to enjoy a movie and to watch their favorite actors in different roles.


Doctors believe that this activity can also be good for human health. Researchers at University College London asked some people to sit in the cinema and watch a movie while recording their heartbeat with the help of instruments. Researchers in their report concluded that sitting in the cinema for about 45 minutes increases the heart rate of the film’s viewers or increases the rate of heartbeat per minute.


Report say that while watching the film, your body is also full of motion and energy as your mind is fully immersed in the film and your focus is on the film, which is also good for mental exercise. They say that watching a movie on a medium and watching movies in cinemas in addition to smartphones, tablets and televisions also increases the ability to focus on a task.


Researchers selected 51 people for their research and asked them to watch the film ‘Allah Din’ released in 2019. In the meantime, researchers applied some sensors to their bodies to measure the heart rate of these individuals.


Similarly, those individuals were compared to a group of 26 people who spend most of their time reading books. The research revealed that people who go to the cinema have their heart in a healthy zone for about 45 minutes, meaning their heart rate is at a maximum rate of 40 to 80 percent.


A 30-year-old man’s heart rate can be 95 to 160 times per minute, while the usual rate is 60 to 100 minutes. Researchers say that the heart-rending results that come out while watching a movie are the highest level of cardiovascular exercise, and the exercise is fast-moving and gardening.



He also said that he also had physical exercises, and that the ability to solve problems was also highlighted because while we were watching the film, we had to create the outline of the scenes or story that came out in his mind. Strive and this is also a mental exercise. Dr. Joseph Devlin, a neuroscience professor at University College London, says that cultural experiences such as going to the cinema give our brain the opportunity to focus solely on a specific period of time.


He also said that you don’t do anything else in cinema but you just mentally engage yourself in film. Dr. Joseph Devlin said that in another sense, we have the ability to solve problems without distraction, and that ability makes our actions more productive.

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