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Join VSI -Best CA coaching in India for virtual classes

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Best CA coaching in India for virtual classes

CA coaching is now a crucial decision for CA aspirants.CA course is significantly complicated by nature. Students who are not from a commerce background find it challenging to understand the course outline and syllabus.

CA coaching Institute makes it easy for all CA courses issues and provides the best options to perform well in the CA Examinations to their students. 

In India, lots of CA coaching classes run, but if we talk about the best CA coaching in India, VSI is the best in CA Coaching and gives the right direction and guidance from which students get benefited. VSI runs special sessions for guiding CA aspirants.

VSI chairman Mr.R.C.Sharma himself conducts guidance sessions because he believes that students pursuing CA Examination have different levels of understanding, knowledge, Intelligence, and catching power. Students require different types of guidance accordingly.

As per Covid -19, Pandemic VSI has converted its teaching mode from face-to-face classes to virtual classes means Online classes so that their students have no issues in attending classes.VSI has a large number of students belonging to various cities of the country.

What are VSI virtual classes for CA courses?

VSI is the best CA coaching in India. VSI has proven its credibility in the field of CA coaching. Its previous year’s results justify its status as Best CA Coaching in India. Now VSI is working with changes and offering Virtual classes for all CA courses; CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, or CA Final.

Aspirants of each CA course can attend virtual classes by enrolling online. In Virtual Classes, you watch classes in real-time from anywhere. 

VSI teachers teach students in a virtual classroom. Students attend these online virtual classes to cover all syllabus of CA course.

Virtual classes are proven, very innovative, and beneficial for students. Students get their own learning space and environment.

VSI virtual classes are proven beneficial in many other ways.

Saves Traveling Time And Cost

When you talk about Virtual classes, it is very beneficial to save time and cost. In face-to-face classes or traditional classes, you have to spend money on traveling and time, but in Virtual classes, you take classes at your home, so you do not need to travel anywhere as you save money and time consumed in traveling. 

Flexible Timings

VSI Virtual classes give liberty to take classes according to your suitable time. You do not need to stick with the time table. Even virtual classes are beneficial to those who are working and along with pursuing CA coaching. They can take classes at night or in their free time. Virtual classes are considered better than live or face to face classes.


As far as VSI virtual classes are concerned, it has a replay concept you can anytime reply to it. While in the face-to-face courses, it can not be possible. You have to take classes at their actual time, and if you find difficulty in any concept or forget any point, you have to wait for the next day, but in Virtual classes, You can replay the lecture and understand the concept as many times as you want. 

Play class as per your comfort

In face-to-face, you have to take classes at the scheduled time, and you can’t pause classes, but in Virtual classes, you can pause it, rewind it, adjust them according to your comfort. You are free to adjust courses at your convenience.

No more Missing and Clashing of classes

Suppose you missed your single classes, so you have to bear the consequences of leaving that particular topic. Virtual classes resolve that issue of missed classes.VSI gives liberty to their students to choose class time according to their schedule. When they choose class time according to their schedule, chances of missing classes become rare. They do not need to worry about missing classes. Even class clashing issues like face to face class have been solved in VSI Virtual classes.

Why Virtual classes from VSI?

VSI’s previous year’s result is the biggest reason to join its Virtual classes. It has given 4 AIR-1 in CA Intermediate, IPCC, and 2 AIR-1 in CA final in 8years.

In VSI, virtual Classes cover all previous years’ question papers, questions from the practice manual, and questions from the updated study material. 

Smart compilers are also provided to students, and all the lectures are given in a very understanding language.

And students get connected on faculty’s WHATSAPP group where they can ask about doubts and queries.

VSI unique pattern for CA foundation, Intermediate and Final

VSI conducts classes, Mock tests, and personal guidance for all levels, which play a crucial role in getting CA courses successful.

Classes at Jaipur center are conducted face to face while other than Jaipur center recorded classes are conducted.

Mock Tests are also conducted at each center. And personal guidance is provided telephonically.

Procedure to join VSI virtual classes

To join VSI Virtual classes for all CA courses, you have to log in at VSI Jaipur https://www.vsijaipur.com/ then choose CA Online classes from the menu bar. CA online classes will open and order online classes by clicking on “Order Online” and then fill in required information about you and then make payment.

You can order by call or WhatsApp on this number +91 9358900493.

VSI fee Structure of virtual classes for all levels

Registration fees for all courses will be 20,000 INR (Adjustable in total fees)


Course  Fees
CA foundation 45,000/-
CA Intermediate (First group) 42,500/-
CA Intermediate (Second group) 42,500/-
CA Intermediate (Both groups) 75,000/-
CA Final (First group) 45,000/-
CA Final (Second group) 45,000/-
CA Final ( Both groups) 80,000/-

How will VSI virtual classes start?

[su_list icon=”icon: chevron-circle-right” icon_color=”#eb5959″]

  • After completion of the registration process, you will get a link to the class portal and software for streaming classes.
  • Download and install software and class portal.
  • Run classes as per schedule are given.



Do not miss the opportunity to join VSI-The best CA coaching in India for virtual classes. Grab your seat for the 2021 CA examination at VSI Jaipur.

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