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Top Reasons to Get Your Kids into Archery

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Kids into Archery

Top Reasons to Get Your Kids into Archery, in case you are looking up some great sports to indulge your kid in then, we have got just the thing for you.

You might have heard or read how experts in children’s development insist that your kid indulges in more outdoor activities. It isn’t ideal for your young kids to spend all the extra time they have playing video games indoor so you might want to get them interested in other activities.


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We suggest that you try archery out!

Archery involves shooting an arrow at the mark. It is considered a great sport and an art form. According to recent statistics when you keep your kids involved in archery they tend to stay away from alcohol and drugs and more focused on things that matter in the long run.

  1. It’s Safe

Out of all the kid sports, archery is quite safe. We aren’t just saying that but instead have claims to support it.

Archery Trade Association has claimed that apart from archery there are only two more sports that are safe: bowling and table tennis. So, get your kids started on archery without having to worry about their safety.

  1. Enhances physical strength and mental focus

For the kid to hit the targets bulls’ eye he will need to position himself correctly, straighten his chest and body while holding the arrow.

With correct positioning, your kid’s upper body strength will increase. They build up energy and stamina while practicing with their real bow and arrow.

As bow and hunting is a sport that has rules and regulations, so your kid will have to keep his body straight while keeping his eyes focused on the target.

  1. Excellent for classroom and life skills

Archery is quite a versatile sport that will teach valuable skills. These skills can be incorporated in the field and the classroom. In the long run, archery will help your build your kid’s character.

For example, while teaching then bow and hunting you can assist them in determining area and perimeter in geometry.

  1. Helps incorporate valuable skills

As mentioned earlier, archery is considered a sport and art as it can get upgrade your shooting dynamics and equipment the more you practice.

This is mainly because the equipment you select will have to match which stage the kids at and his/her ability to stay focused.

Plus, archery is referred to as a physically friendly sport that improves the kid’s body fitness, sportsmanship, and hunting awareness.

  1. All-year-round sport

Unlike any other sport, this one isn’t affected by any changes in the weather. Archery can be practiced in almost any weather condition. Plus, it is versatile so it can be played inside the house and outside.

As there are many kinds of archery practiced around the globe thus you can select the one that suits you the most. You can opt for field archery (played outdoor and on the wooden course), target archery (seen on Paralympics and Olympic) and 3D archery.

  1. Accomplishment

This sport will help your kid get a sense of accomplishment. Out of all the sports, archery requires only individual effort instead of the team effort.

With the bow in your kid’s hand, they will be able to breathe in and pull the string when they see fit. Plus, as your kid will be taking part in archery so his/her self-esteem and confidence will increase. They will love that they get to be in charge of their bow.

  1. Offers for scholarship

The best thing about opting for archery is that not only is it a great sport but it can also get you a sports scholarship.

We looked up for some statistics and discovered in the year 2014 alone around 11000 archer-students acquired scholarships up to $77,000. These scholarships were offered by National Archery in the School Program (NASP). As a parent, you can look up this scholarship program and other programs that you can get your kids into good high schools.

  1. It’s enjoyable

Isn’t it exciting when one hits the bullseye? It totally is and that’s why archery is such fun. Not only do you get to enhance your skills while playing archery but also get to enjoy it.

So, get your kid thrilled about archery before it’s too late and they get all indulged into video games. Archery is the kind of sport that will help them stay high spirited so make sure that they try it out.

  1. Enhances Behavior

With bow hunting, your kid will be learning a lot more than shooting arrows. Archers are expected to follow the right stance even before they have to start shooting.

All this practice will assist them when they function responsible citizens of the society and will have to learn the rules of the socializing.

  1. Goal setting

As said earlier archery requires long-term attention, so your kid will be investing quite some energy and time in the sport.

As said, practice makes perfect so as an archer your kid will be learning slowly and working your way up. This way your kid will be setting goals and seeing himself/herself accomplish those goals.

This assists them in learning how to set goals for the long run and accomplish them by inputting the right set of effort.

As archery helps your kids build character, body and mental ability so get your kid to invest his time. And energy in this form of art.

You might require some help in selecting the right set of bow and arrow for your kid. That’s why we listed some features that you can look into.

The tips mentioned below will surely assist you in the long run, so make sure to read all that we have in store for you.

Selecting the Right Set of Real Bow and Arrow for Kids

Does your kid love to shoot using bows and arrows? Do you want to encourage his/her shooting skills? If yes, then you have landed on the right page.

A youth archery real bow and arrow set will be the perfect gift to give your child. On encouraging them to pursue an activity that they take interest in you can help them get out of their shell. Who knows maybe in the future they will take up archery as a career.

In case you plan to take your kid hunting with you then a real bow and arrow for your kid will double the fun. With the right set of tools, they might develop a liking for archery and hunting.

As it can get confusing initially because everyone does have any idea of what is what. So, you might have many questions. Today we will address all those queries so that you can select the best real bow and arrow for your kids.

To get your kids started in youth archery you will first have to get to know a bit more about real bow and arrows for kids.

Is your kid Right or Left-Handed archer?

With bows being either left or right-handed you need to have an idea which can your kid uses to shoot with. The general principle is that a right-handed shooter will use his/her right hand to pull the string. While a left-handed shooter will use their left hand to pull the string.

Is your kid Right or Left-Eye dominant?              

Another major thing to check when selecting a real bow and arrow for hunting with kids is to see which eye is their dominant one.

Everyone has one dominant eye and the way to determine is to place your kid in front of a wall. The wall should be 10 feet away from them and both their eyes should be closed. Maintaining this position, you have to ask them to point at a spot (for example a clock).

Keep them pointing towards the spot and then ask them to close their left eye. If their finger stays on the spot then their right eye is the dominant one and so your kid should try to shoot with the right hand.

In case the finger isn’t on the assigned spot when they close their left eye, then ask them to close their right eye now. With the left eye open if their finger is on the spot then their left eye is the dominant one. And they should try shooting with the left-hand if they can.

Buying guide for real bow and arrow for hunting for kids

Age plays a vital role in selecting archery set for your kid. The strength and size of your kid will also contribute. We recommend that you lookout for a set that has been built for kids of average strength and size.

In case your kid is has a big build, you can opt for a bow and arrow set for the hunting of another age group which they are nearer too.

The next thing that you need to look into is the type of bow that will suit your kid. For a younger kid, we recommend that you get suction cup arrows. For older kids, you can opt for a bow that has a rubber tip or even an arrow with an actual target tip.


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Arrows with actual target tip are best for those kids that know how to shoot at the target and have seen where they are aiming and shooting at.

Lastly, you will have to double-check the material used to manufacture the set. Some materials might suit your kid more than others.

Bow and arrows for kids are a valuable tool. They will help build discipline and teach your kids how to focus and practice. As they grow older this activity will help them in establishing hand-eye coordination. Increase their muscle strength and will teach them how to hunt for food.

Using a real bow and arrow with your kid is a valuable activity as it will help you in spending some quality time with your kid. You will be able to establish some great memories.

For all this to happen you need to find the right set of the bow. And arrow so that you can teach them a great skill which they can carry on with them for their entire life. Click here to learn more.


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