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Lafangey Chapter 1 is not so far, starring Sami Khan

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A new Pakistani movie “Lafangey chapter 1” is on its way for release. The plot is based on 4 lafangeys including Sami Khan, Saleem Meraj, Mani and Mubeen Gabol. According to the updates, this will be the first-ever Pakistani movie of this kind. It will entertain the audience with a unique genre of horror-comedy. 

Lafangey chapter 1 cast

4 Lafangeys

The movie will be more of a laughter pack with horror scenes. The audience will not be able to resist the excitement with this combination. The story that will be depicted sounds to be more promising due to the previous success of the director and story writer Abdull Khaaliq Khan. His work was admired back then as well when he wrote the storyline of the movie Zindagi kitni haseen hay, starring Sajal Aly and Feroze Khan.

Cast Insight of Lafangey chapter 1:

Lafangey chapter 1 has cast Nazish Jahangir for the female lead role. It will be her debut but the role she has been performing in her drama “Kahin Deep Jaley” already removes all the doubts about her acting. Along with these, there will be more senior artists like Behroz Sabzwari, Gul-e-Rana, Akhter Hasnain. And many others will make the scenarios powerful in their own way. 

Sami Khan will act as a lafanga in this movie along with his co-stars. He has shown his work in the industry with such strong characters up till now. He is already excited about the role. Also about how the characters will be seen in the screenplay. It is also known that each of these lafangeys will deliver exactly the same vibe required for a horror-comedy movie.

Behind the Scenes

The Producer Tariq Habib Rind is all set for the movie. So is Abdull Khaaliq Khan with his endless efforts. And it is confirmed till now that the movie is going to release on this EidUlFitr.

The way our Lollywood is moving forward, we must feel proud and keep supporting all the upcoming movies.

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