Lesson You Can Learn From the Movie Shazam!

The 2019 hit superhero movie, Shazam! was one of the most amazing superhero movies of the DC universe with an interesting storyline. The movie revolves around an orphan boy who has been finding her mother using an address book and plays pranks on the law enforcement authorities. He has been sent to different foster parents from whom he runs away after some time. When finally he comes across Víctor and Rosa Vásquez, Mary Bromfield, Darla Dudley, Eugene Choi, Pedro Peña and Freddy Freeman. Soon Billy is granted the powers by a mysterious wizard who summons him to the Rock of Eternity which is a mystical place somewhere in the alternate dimension.

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There Is No Such Thing like Being Perfect

It is a universal fact that there is no such thing as perfection in life. You can try your best to be the perfect person, make things perfect in life and not make any mistakes. But it is a human factor that you cannot please anybody and that you cannot be blamed for not being perfect. In the movie, this occurs quite a few times. For instance, Billy does not have a perfect family and is left by his mother when he was a child and had to live with a foster family that has other foster kids.

Also, he does not have a perfect stature as a superhero and accidentally Zaps a passenger bus with thunder but makes things better by rescuing people onboard. So it is very easy to understand that you can try to make people happy but there is always that one person or a group of people who might not be happy with who you are or what you have.


Learn To Accept Things

It is very easy to make sure that you know who you are, what are your good points and the bad points and make sure that you be happy with those things. Failing to do so might have a negative impact on your life. For instance, Billy realizes that his biological mother never wanted him and left him in the carnival on purpose, living with a foster family was something that he had to accept. Also, Dr. Sivana fails to understand that the Wizard will not choose him as the heir of his powers. Hence, he chooses the path of darkness and gets consumed by the dark powers of the Seven Deadly Sins. This made him the bad guy not only for his family but for everybody in the world.

Family Comes First

Shazam has a very strong message for fans that no matter what happens that people who stand by you and support you to bring out the good in you are your true friends and family. This can be seen in the scenes when Billy fights for Freddy who was getting bullied at school and also brings Superman to the school to have lunch understanding the fact that nobody wants to be with him. Also, when Sivana holds the foster brothers and sisters of Billy at his home, he shows up to save them from Sivana and gives them the power of the shaft and makes them adult superheroes and breaks the staff.

There Is a Superhero in Everybody

The movie also teaches people that everybody is a superhero in them and you can use the power of goodness to make people around you safe and contended. In the movie, when Freddy was getting beaten up by the bullies, Billy shows up and defends him and gets chased by the bullies to the subway. Also, when he accidentally Zaps the bus full of passengers off the bridge, Shazam realizes his mistake, gains courage and rescues everybody onboard the bus.

Success Can Take Time

It is a universal fact that you might not get successful even after making your effort. Success takes a lot of courage, planning and rigorous training and sometimes time to show results. This can be seen when Billy and Freddy make a training video and give a test-run to Billy’s newly gained powers and they get to know that Shazam can fly, is bulletproof, can through lightning bolts, has enhanced strength and speed. He also learns that there are different evil forces who might harm his family if he reveals his identity and shows off his powers irresponsibly. Soon enough after a few heroic deeds Shazam gets the attention of the people and the media and becomes a recognized superhero.

Identify Your Strength

Shazam learns about his strength and weaknesses over time and so does Doctor Sivana who has the power of the Seven Sins against Shazam’s superpowers. But against all the odds Billy bestows the power of Shazam to his siblings and empowers them to fight Dr. Sivana alongside of him. Also, as Billy, he learned his true strength when he realized that his real friends and family are the people who are living with him and he has to stop showing off his powers and use them in a more responsible way as this can have consequences on his family.

In the end, one can say that watching movies like Shazam can help you learn a lot of things about life. One can learn that all of us go through tough times and they don’t last longer. Billy lives with a hope that he will find his biological mother and then comes to know that she never wanted to raise him in the first place. He makes the right decision and decides to get along with his family at the group home.