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Livestream Shopping: Redefining Online Shopping

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Livestream Shopping: Redefining Online Shopping

Live Video Shopping is a comparatively new way of selling products in real-time. The trend is gaining popularity rather quickly in the online shopping industry because of the numerous benefits that it offers to retailers and buyers. 

What is Live streaming Shopping?‍

Physical retail stores are great for one-to-one interaction whereas online stores enable you to expand your reach virtually to anywhere in the world.

Live shopping or live commerce offers a blend of both. It can be defined as a combination of live video streaming with shoppable services. During a live shopping show buyers witness products in action and satisfy themselves before going through with the purchase process.

Live Shopping is a new concept that brands are leveraging as an interacting form of medium to connect with their customers as the majority of buyers are turning to online ecommerce stores to shop post pandemic.

This is why brands leveraging live online shopping have seen a rise and seem to have a bright future. In this blog, we will take you through a few amazing benefits that live online shopping offers to retailers.

Lets Consumers Make Informed Decisions
The significant driving force for conversions is educating customers about your products. The clearer and better your customers understand how your products or services can add value to their lives, the chances of conversions increases. Adopting Livestream e-commerce can be a good strategy to educate and inform your audience about your products or services.

You can host a product demonstration live show or can conduct a live Q&A session. Selling products this way can certainly help your prospects to put their trust in you and purchase your products with confidence.

Reduced Product Returns‍

Product returns is a serious issue for brands and retailers and it can be quite painful too, especially when you are not at fault. Live streaming commerce is one such strategy that can help you reduce your returns, helping your profitability. 

By conducting Livestream shopping shows you provide the right information about your products and on top of that you can get your audience to ask any questions about your product. This gives brands an opportunity to address any misconceptions or queries about their products.

Builds Brand Awareness

‍To establish brand awareness and attract more clients you need to reach more audiences. With features like simulcasting wherein your live shopping shows are broadcasted simultaneously to multiple channels like facebook and youtube etc, you can reach out to more people irrespective of the medium they are on.

Effective Communication
Effective and meaningful communication is undoubtedly the most vital aspect of a successful brand. Without communicating your message and ideology you cannot convince your prospects to act on your offers. Live streaming shopping or live online shopping allows you to deliver your message in such a way that it replicates in-store experience. An experience where you talk directly to your shoppers in real-time and address any misinformation about their business or products immediately.

Additionally you can utilize live video shopping to convey your brand news and messages. It’s the best way to get in touch with your shoppers instantly.

Livestreams are Cost-Effective
Compared to a recorded video which requires a lot of editing and modifications, hosting a livestream shopping show effectively is an inexpensive process.

You don’t need to edit your live shopping shows as they happen in real-time without any filter. This saves you time and money while depicting brand authenticity.

All you need is a decent camera, professional live shopping platform, and of course a host. However, if you have the budget for it, using a higher-quality camera is always a bonus.


Livestream e-commerce gives your viewers the ability to see products in real-time from a trustworthy source that feels more like a friend than someone trying to sell a product. Here are some fun livestream ideas to get you started:

  1. Show What Makes the Product Unique
  2. Show the Product in Action
  3. Collaborate with Other Brands
  4. Share Your Process
  5. Collaborate with influential people like industry experts, celebrities or influencers
  6. Host live contest and giveaways
  7. Invite experts for live interviews
  8. Host Q&A sessions
  9. Give virtual walkaround of your store
  10. Address shoppers via Live Chat

Final Thoughts

Live commerce or livestream ecommerce for brands is a relatively new approach which successfully minimizes the brand-customer gap in eCommerce and helps customers with their buying decision.

Live commerce gives a feeling of authenticity to your brand as live shopping shows happen in real-time and there’s no chance for editing. 

With livestream ecommerce you can develop a bond with your prospects, build trust, and eventually make them loyal to your brand.

Additionally if you are on Shopify then you can leverage our Live Shopping App for Shopify and start your live selling journey.

You can get started with Live video shopping immediately with Channelize.io and reap the benefits of live shopping. Email us at info@channelize.io and we would be happy to assist you.

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