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Loose Cushion Cut Diamonds from Rare Carat

by John Milton
Loose Cushion Cut Diamonds from Rare Carat

Loose cushion cut diamonds are rare cut diamonds with a high polish and clarity, giving them more sparkle than many polished diamonds of their weight. The cushion shape is also preferred by many people, who like to have an area where they can rest their fingers while wearing the ring. Loose cushion cuts are difficult to find on diamonds below 2 carats in size due to their higher price point. The diamonds are cut with a higher level of symmetry, which allows them to retain their lustre, color, and clarity longer than traditional diamond cuts. The cushion shape also has fewer flat surfaces, which reduces the chance of mechanical damage to the diamond.

Unveil a world of responsible luxury by choosing Lab Grown Diamonds Singapore, where you can adorn yourself with stunningly radiant gems that are not only ethically sourced but also exemplify the pinnacle of sophistication and style.

Rare Carat Review

Rare Carat is an online shop with 4.9/5 reviews both in Google Business Profile as well as Trustpilot. They deal with lab-produced Loose Cushion Cut Diamonds. They have verified suppliers that sell loose diamonds, which are not cut in the traditional round fashion but in a unique loose cushion shape. The diamonds are available in different sizes and carat weights: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-carat sizes and in different shapes – such as round, emerald cuts, and pear cuts. Some of their buyers also look for colored diamonds.

Their diamonds are of high quality and price. They promise fast delivery and customer satisfaction. Their customer service is also geared to be fast. They also accept direct payments from the buyer, which is a big plus for those who like to transact business fast, as well as easily.

They also offer free gemologist checks on GIA-certified diamonds & 4 Cs Diamond Buying Guide. This allows you to know the diamond’s quality, your budget, and which diamond shape is right for you. They give customers a 90-day money-back guarantee. For their large purchases, they offer free appraisals of loose diamonds.

Why Buy Lab Created Diamonds from www.RareCarat.com

Lab-created diamonds are made in a lab by humans, not by nature. Diamonds are a group of minerals that have been formed as a result of intense heat and pressure. In addition to this, diamonds have been known to have these amazing properties:

Durability – They are almost indestructible, unlike other gemstones which can be destroyed by accident or negligence. Their hardness is 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, the highest possible rating that a mineral can have.

High quality – This is another amazing property of diamonds. The sparkle and shine that they have, as well as their durability, make them one of the most expensive and sought-after gemstones in the world today.

High clarity – The clarity of a diamond refers to the absence of any internal or external flaws. Lab-created diamonds have high clarity since they are created in a lab, not in nature.

Longevity – Their durability, high quality, and rarity make diamonds one of the most sought-after gemstones. They last a long time. This makes them more expensive, but worth the extra money.

Easy to customize – You can choose from a wide variety of diamond shapes, sizes, and colors. They range from round, emerald cuts, and pear cuts. This means that you need not go to a jewellery store to get the perfect ring for yourself. The best diamonds are on sale at www.RareCarat.com

How to Buy From www.RareCarat.com

When you decide to buy loose diamonds from www.rarecarat.com, you decide on the best diamond shape or cut for yourself or your loved one. You also choose the best size and carat weight that can fit into your budget and prevent you from spending more than you want to on this valuable gemstone.

Their customer service is friendly and fast. They aim to provide the best customer service for their customers. They also check your diamond for flaws before sending it to you. Once your order is shipped, you can request a free appraisal of the diamond from their experts. They accept direct payments from their buyers, which means that you can pay them online directly through their website.

When you shop for loose diamonds on www.rarecarat.com, you should expect the best quality, since their suppliers only sell top-quality diamonds. They will help you find the right diamond based on your specific needs and budget. Remember that they also offer free appraisals of loose diamonds, so you can be sure that your money is well spent in buying a diamond from them. We recommend visiting their website at www.RareCarat.com to learn more about their products and services.

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