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Major Reasons why you need a Real Estate CRM

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Reasons for real estate CRM

Technology is raising the bar for everything we can see or experience. Earlier only the business owners had an upper hand in taking out the necessary information on their products, customers, revenue, etc. But today, the customers are no less, they don’t just know everything but somehow have a better idea too! Reasons for real estate CRM

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), there’s a study conducted on Home Buyers and Seller Generational Trends, shows that 99% of the millennials and 89% of the older boomers do online research before purchasing a property. The real estate market is experiencing a gigantic shift from the traditional ways to buy, sell, communicate and transact. Well, we’re so obsessed and addicted to technology that we might not be able to work without it.

The major question is, how as a property owner, broker, or brokerage firm you can smoothly handle everyday tasks? As it’s not just about listing properties and connecting with buyers. It’s more imperative to analyze and fetch the bottlenecks delaying your process. Here’s where a CRM program comes into action! 

3 Reasons why you need a Real Estate CRM? 

Juggling between multiple tasks to manage properties and the customers too? Try the recommendation of almost every real estate software company – A Customer Relationship Management Tool! Though there are numerous benefits of having a real estate CRM, here are some unmatchable benefits you must know about form builder for Salesforce– 

You’ll know better about your Prospects 

Every business depends on leads and all the marketing efforts done are only to get more leads in the account. While there are numerous marketing activities, you may not know where a particular lead came from.

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It can be from your website, some great videos you’ve posted, your social media accounts, or through marketing campaigns and ads but, you actually need to bifurcate the prospects and get them what exactly they’re looking for. How? That’s the work of a real estate CRM.

It will make your job a whole lot easier than manual management! For instance, firstly you will quickly get to know where your prospect came from. Then if your prospect came through the website, you can create web forums in your CRM for collecting the imperative information about them including their contact details. The company which they work for and their exact point of interest (also if there’s anything specific). In this way, you can communicate and convert your leads with ample information provided in the beginning.

In fact, a good real estate CRM can enrich leads by furnishing further details about your prospects through drawing information from their social profiles too! Isn’t it exactly what you require to level up? 

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Everything at One Place

So this is the most interesting reason why you need to choose a Real Estate CRM! You can literally handle everything and manage it all in one place. It allows you to make calls and emails, all through the CRM only and you can easily track every customer activity to get a chronological timeline view of every engagement you have had with your customers since inception (from the time they’re engaged with your business).

For instance, if you were engaging with a seller who wanted a reasonable price for his property in a particular locality. Then he gets in contact with various people, a lot of communication goes through. But he decides to step back as the price isn’t up to the mark. He comes back again after a period of a year and requests to list his property again. What do you think, how will you find the details?

It can either be by looking for the details in emails or other communication mediums or simply stored in a CRM for immediate access. Well, the latter is anytime better! A real estate CRM can help you save information for easy access, help you in adding notes, tasks, and appointments relevant to each customer. Moreover, you can simply upload files like buyer contracts, purchase agreements, etc. 

Sales Process Mapping 

If you think it’s just about the customers, you’re wrong! Once you start getting leads from different sources, there will be a step-wise process to be followed for conversion, which may be crystal clear in your mind. But as a process works through a chain, a lot of people will be involved. And they might not have similar clarity.

To streamline you need to have a set process and determine the stage of the deal your customer is currently in. Here a real estate CRM is an excellent choice. It helps you create a visual pipeline and act as a perfect setup for you to keep track of the progress with each customer/prospect. Additionally, you can even customize your sales pipeline depending on their requirements and personalize experiences for them! 

The Bottom Line 

Though manual was once the only choice, today technology can help you grow, flourish and bring remarkable outcomes altogether. Real estate software solutions can have you streamline processes, find the loopholes, analyze the business, collect some meaningful data, make use of the information, ease your communication with your prospects, and much more! Find the right real estate CRM developers to target and retain more customers. 


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