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Memory Foam Versus Conventional Pocket Sprung Mattresses: 3 Factors That Make Spending The Extra Money Worth It

by John Milton
Memory Foam Versus Conventional Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Choosing the correct mattress is important. For many of us, it is a big purchase requiring a big decision. We might have medical issues to consider, or we might just want to make the right choice for the best night’s sleep. Whatever the reason, we want our decision to be the right one. 

There are a variety of mattresses out there, but typically, they have springs, are made from foam, or even a combination of both.

Before we look at the three factors that makes spending the extra money worth it in the battle of memory foam versus conventional pocket sprung mattress it’s best we learn a little more about each.

Pocket Spring Mattress

According to Wikipedia, mattress coil springs were invented in the 15th Century but were only used in mattresses in the mid to late 19th Century. Like memory foam, they, and the mattresses they are used in, have been developed and improved over time.

A typical pocket spring mattress consists of a middle spring layer containing multiple individual springs sewn into their material pocket. The mattress also has a base or foundation level on the bottom and a comfort layer on the top, usually made from foam or latex.

A general rule of thumb regarding spring mattresses is that the more springs there are, the more comfortable and supportive the bed will be.

Memory Foam

Oxford’s Lexico says memory foam is a ‘material sensitive to pressure and temperature’ and is ‘used especially in mattresses, where it moulds to the shape of an individual’s body’.

Invented in the 60s by NASA for ‘the improvement of airline seating for crash and vibration protection, and the development of energy-absorbing techniques for increased survivability’, it was found that this material (then called Temper foam) ‘not only offered better impact protection in the event of an accident but enhanced passenger comfort on long flights, due to an even distribution of body weight and pressure over the entire contact area’.

Since the ’60s and its original Temper foam form, memory foam has undergone a few tweaks and improvements, leading to it being used in various settings from home to hospital.

Despite its popularity, memory foam mattresses can be more expensive than a pocket spring mattress. That said, there are some excellent reasons for this.

Here are the top 3 reasons for spending the extra cash on a memory foam mattress:

Made By Scientists With Comfort In Mind

Memory foam has been designed to be supportive and comfortable—by NASA scientists, of all people. It is hard for any other mattress type to top that.

Basically, the best minds of a generation, the generation that first sent us to the moon, focused on producing the best, most supportive, and most comfortable material out there. And they succeeded.

Such has been the success and versatility of this material that the company that first produced it (Dynamic Systems Inc) sold 80% of its products to the medical industry. Products like orthopaedic seating pads, mattress pads, and a seating solution for the severely disabled were very popular.

Since it became available in the public domain, memory foam has been used in a wide variety of ways, all of which have a similar aim of providing comfort and increasing safety and support.

The most common is in the form of mattresses, which brought this marvellous material into our homes.

Comfort And Support

Given its specific design, memory foam is considered one of the best materials for comfort and support. It conforms to your body shape, allowing you to adopt any comfortable position imaginable.

For people who have to share a bed, a memory foam mattress is often the best choice. This is thanks to the qualities it exhibits when you lie on it. Whilst memory foam is very adaptable to your shape, it actually moves very little beyond that. This means you could have a restless sleeper beside you, and you wouldn’t feel their movements through the mattress, resulting in your sleep not being disturbed as a result of them.

Longer Lasting

While there are no specific studies indicating which would last longer, a memory foam mattress or a spring coil mattress, it is generally accepted that the memory foam mattress will last the longest.

As it is flexible in that it returns to its normal shape after you get off it, it is safe to surmise that this will continue for a lengthy period of time.

Because pocket-sprung mattresses contain little metal springs, and because metal is known to undergo fatigue, it makes sense that they would be more prone to potential problems than memory foam.

While changing your mattress every 8 to 10 years is generally recommended, sometimes this just isn’t feasible. And why change a bed that you feel is performing perfectly well? If it is the case that you want to get the best and longest use out of your mattress, then it seems a memory foam mattress may be the best choice.

There’s nothing wrong with spring coil mattresses per se. They are supportive and comfortable and have given millions of people exactly what they need to have a good night’s sleep.

It’s just that memory foam, which has been around in a historical blip in comparison, has so much more going for it. It was designed with comfort in mind. It has been used massively in the medical industry. It is believed to last much longer.

Yes, you’ll have to spend a little extra to buy one, but the extra will go a long way.

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