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4 Basic Tools That You Must Have for Fixing Mobile Phones

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Mobile Repairing Tools


Amid lockdown and the fear of going out in public, it becomes a major problem if you have a damaged mobile phone. While buying a new one can be good but for those who are tight on the budget that is not an option to choose. Unless you know how to fix mobile phone damage – Mobile Repairing Tools

For minor damage repair, you can do the fixing right at the comforts of your home.

All you need is authentic Android or iPhone repair parts wholesale USA and some basic tools to perform the repair task. You cannot accomplish any mobile phone repair project without the appropriate tools.

Here we have listed a few basic tools that you must need for fixing damaged mobile phones. Continue to read till the end to find out.


1. Suction Cup Pliers

If you are dealing with an iPhone then you have to pop the screen open in order to have a look inside of the device. You can either choose the suction cup that comes along with the iFixit battery replacement kit or you can buy the suction cup pliers.

We recommend the pliers for easy opening since it is way more convenient to use. All you need to do is place one suction cup on the back of the device and the other on the screen. Apply some pressure on the pliers and the display screen will easily come off from the rest of the device.

This tool can come in extremely handy even for a minor mobile repair task. So, make sure to add this one in your tool kit.


2. Magnetic Mat

Where would you keep all the small parts of your mobile phone when you take it apart? Don’t make the mistake of keeping them callously on the table you are working as you may lose them. You will face inconvenience and lose focus on your work.

Instead, keep them secure and in an organized way using a magnetic mat. This mat with its magnetic property will keep all the tiny elements of your device intact on it. This magnetic mat also has separate lines drawn on it so that you can keep the screws and other elements organized.


3. Magnifying Glass

You might need a better view of what you are working on. Since most of the screws and other elements of your mobile phone would be tiny, you need a clear view. Poking and prodding senselessly can cause more damage to your device.

So, make sure to use a magnifying glass so that you get a good look of what you would be working on. It is the simple things that make a big difference.


4. Guitar Picks

Yes, suction cup pliers may be perfect for taking apart the iPhone display screen from the rest of the device, however, for a comprehensive display assembly you might need a different tool.

Guitar Picks! As bizarre as it may sound this unusual item can come in handy to open up a complicated display assembly screen. These can play the role of a spudger tool.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather all the essential tools and authentic Android or iPhone repair parts wholesale USA and start on your repair project right from your home – Mobile Repairing Tools

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