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Monsoon Delights for a Delightful Garden 

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Monsoon Delights for Delightful Garden 

Monsoon is that time of the year when we just want to eat something spicy or have some warm tea on getting drenched in the rain with our lover or with anybody or just alone feel the droplets of water that are falling by sitting near the window sill along with the coffee, quite a beautiful picture it is. There are two things in common that we will see around on a beautiful monsoon day. And that is black clouds and green leaves as far as your eyes would go green color will spread out its various shapes and the combination of two would just make your day, of course. It would be amazing to take a drive to a nearby-Monsoon Delights for Delightful Garden 

But quite often another thought comes to our mind.  what kind of flowers can be grown during the monsoon? Because of course, we would love to see greenery all around us.

But that Greentree would be much better when it has assorted colors. And each one of them reflects their own beauty giving us the appearance of heaven on earth. So you have guessed it right, today we are discussing the flowers that can be grown in your garden even during the monsoon.

1) Balsam 

If you are a fan of double petals flowers then definitely Balsam should be your choice. Balsam has always been a part of the Victorian gardens. and of course, when you will plant it you can see an array of colors combined with green like red, white, pink, lavender, orange, etc. This plant has its home in North America, Asia, and South Africa. It’s not only a plant for beautification but it has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties particularly in the form of oil.  

How To grow Balsam in Garden

To grow Balsam in your garden you can either sow the seeds in a pot inside your house or directly into the soil of your garden. If you are growing bulbs inside your house then you must make sure to plant the seeds at least six weeks before the last frosting is about to take place and this information you can find on any trusted weather channel.

And because you will have to transfer these planted seeds to your garden later on make sure you plant them in a flat tray. After planting the seeds make sure to cover them by 1/8 inches of soil and water them thoroughly. Once the seeds start to sprout you can leave them in the sun when you leave for work and keep them inside at night. It prefers well-drained and fertile soil in comparison to soggy. 

Disease Protection – Be aware of the diseases or insects trying to attack Balsam. Most commonly it’s Powdery Mildew and can be treated by using organic insecticides. 

Although balsam has a long flowering season and once it blooms it will last for 15 to 20 days. You must remember that we’ve

work vigorously to accomplish our goals. So, order online and just water your Balsam plants frequently if you are not so interested in growing them. 

2) Marigolds 

Yet another famous flower that quite often we find growing by itself in our yards is none other than marigold. So if you have enough time to grow marigolds inside your house you will have to sow the seeds before sixty days of the last frost, but only for African Marigolds. However, whenever it’s springtime in your country you can sow the seeds because the soil would be warm or ready and they would receive enough warmth that there’s hardly any advantage in keeping them inside. These Flowers bouquet will sprout in warm weather and will bloom in 8 weeks. 

Best Decor – Although marigolds have a lot of varieties that take all of them combined no other flowers will be required but if you want you can add it along with flowers such as Tulips, Roses, Lilies, Lilacs, Calendulas, Cape Jasmine and many more and send flowers to India in the form of a bouquet for your loved ones. 

3) Cape Jasmine

Popularly known as the “flower of the gods” because of the sweet fragrance and its angelic white color. 

How to Grow – It’s very easy to grow Cape Jasmine all you need is a thank branch from any already grown Jasmine tree make sure there are only a few leaves and remove them if there are a lot of leaves. 

Home Decor or Gifting Bouquet- Whether you have grown Cape Jasmine in your house or you have purchased it from the market in both cases it’s a strong fragrance that would be long-lasting and will always fresh up your senses. If you are decorating your home you can place it along with Chrysanthemum, Roses, Orchids, Daisy, Periwinkle, Dahlia to have color pops even during monsoon. And you can always give a small plant to your loved ones and let them achieve their goals of growing their own garden, this will be the beginning for them. 

4) Hibiscus 

If you ever wanted a flower with medicinal properties and lots of colors and of course also the fact that they should match your interiors and we should beautify your gardens to that your need is none other than the hibiscus plant. It has an array of bright colors such as red, pink, blue, yellow, orange, and quite often when mixed together it can produce white and pink, yellow and orange,  pink and purple and many other shades it all depends on your experiments. We all know that from a fresh hibiscus flower we can make tea.  We can dry it and infuse it in oil to use it for wellness routine and also use the dry powder in making natural lip balms and lipsticks.  

Home Decor and Bridal Bouquet – of course, we have explored the medicinal uses of the flowers, but quite often people ignore this flower thinking it cannot be used in their houses, but actually, you can use it for home decor alongside several flowers such as the hibiscus and plumeria would be a perfect combination for your home decor and also it can be combined together along with a few more flowers to make a beautiful bridal bouquet for the bride to be. 

The best way to grow them – most of the time will find hibiscus growing in an area which has enriched with good quality soil and near about river banks because that is where we will find the best quality soil and this proves that hibiscus is a need of lots of water and good soil. But because nowadays we use hybrids, they don’t require lots of water. If soil is thick they won’t be able to survive.

5) Gulmohar 

If you ever thought of a red color which was really beautiful that I am sure only one flower will come to your mind that is none other than Gulmohar and one of the best things about Gulmohar is that these flowers can survive in heavy rains to in fact they look really beautiful set against the grey sky and the red color burning like the sunset. It’s a popular street tree in India. 

Soil – Coming from Madagascar this plant has not adapted itself to different kinds of soils available around the world but makes sure that the soil is not frozen because the seeds need some warmth for smooth germination. And make sure to balance manure and fertilizers. 

Other details – This is a low-maintenance plant and would be better in moderate sunlight. Utmost it’ll grow up to 5 feet per year and insects and pests will never be a problem. 

So now you have those flowers that you can grow very easily and decorate your house without them and send it to your loved ones and let them achieve their goals of having a colorful garden. As we say that you had only green and grey color in monsoon now you can have a whole lot of colors and you can just admire it or dance through it during the whole monsoon season. 


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