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Most common issues affecting student performance in the classroom

by M Sakhawat
Most common issues affecting student performance in the classroom

The performance of each student plays an important role in the development of a whole community because as a student you have your own responsibilities towards your society. Each step in your academic performance determines the future of your nation and students have to put their sincere efforts and maintain discipline with continuity in their studies to attain a good career and success in their lives. Whether they study in a traditional classroom or in online classes, there are several issues that may hinder the good performance of students in the class. Some of these issues are as follow 

  • Relationship between educator and student.
  • Relationship between parents and child.
  • Relationship between a student with peers.
  • Surrounding of learning environment
  • Effect of the virtual classroom.
  • Overuse of technology and social media.

Relationship between teacher and student

An educator must empathize with their students and make the learning process easier and interesting for their students. An educator needs to understand the importance of building rapport with each student for better results in academic performance. Moreover a student and educator influence each other. An educator has significant effect on a children’s socio-economic development and actively engaging them in learning new skills. If the students develop a sense of fear or disliking toward their educator it may have an adverse effect on students’ academic performance and lower their motivation towards learning. 

Relationship between parents and child

Parents’ relationship with the child affects the academic performance. Many study shows children whose parents are participate more actively in their child’s academic activities, have a better chance to obtain better grades in their academics and also they develop a sense of security and they are more confident as compared to those students whose parents are not involved in their lives. Some other factors like divorce, separation between both parents. death of one parent, frequent moving from one place to another places may also lead to poor academic performance of child. So additional support from school and peers may overcome the negative impact.

Relationship between student and their  peers

The primary motive of educational institutions and schools should not be to restrict the students to academics alone, but make them to understand the importance of social involvement and good interaction with their peer group for their better development and understanding and mutual respect for each other. Therefore, motivating the students to involve with each other and taking the initiative to express themselves and feel secure with each other. Sometimes as children grow they also face some problems with their peers like bullying, stress, distraction in their academics, conflicts and disagreements between each other made them less confident and socially stunted. Keeping an eye on them and good counseling may prevent all these problems.

Surrounding of learning environment

The surrounding of learning environment where a student study is also a factor that influences the education and the skills of the student, a positive environment can makes the student more confident and motivated to achieve their particular goals, as well as a negative learning environment, classes without break and interval may lead to lack of their focus and eventually lower their motivation. Therefore, for better outcome educators and parents must understand the importance of giving space and adding fun activities to improve the result.

Effect of virtual classroom

In recent situation of social distancing and global pandemics, there is an increasing trend of online learning among teachers and students alike. There are many benefits of online classes like students have more comfortable and flexible time schedule. Students will not have to face daily challenges to go to class like traffic, weather, and also save day to day expenses. Thus, online teaching improves student academic achievement and learning outcomes.

Overuse of technology and social media

Excess use or addiction of social media by the youth is a new normal in today’s life and it also influences their lives. Basically there are lot of stuffs on social media that leech onto your fascinations, naivety and vulnerabilities. Young people developed their own perspective and belief that they saw on social media. Social media have also their own advantages but it depends on how students use them. various study-based and knowledge providing websites are there to encourage learners to learn more. Technology also provides various opportunities and good quality of global communication. There are a lot different point of views on addiction of social media and technologies and their pros and cons. 

Effective learning can happen only if the students are more focused, punctual, determined in the classroom. Educators and parents should take heed of the various factors which may affect a student’s performance in the classroom and shall actively work towards ensuring that student’s learning is not hindered by any of those factors. This article shall be certainly helpful for educators, parents as well as students in getting a better understanding about things that may affect their performance in the classroom.

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