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Mother’s day ideas and gifts to win over your mom-in-law

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Mother’s day ideas and gifts to win over your mom-in-law

Whether you consider her your arch-rival or close confidante, your forever nemesis, or a mother dear, when Mother’s Day shows up on your calendar, you know that this is a day that you cannot just bypass. After all, your mother-in-law is a mommy too! You owe that much to your spouse! Look at it as the day to mend bonds with your in-law who may not be so fond of you and win her over!

Since your mother-in-law is likely to be a fairly regular presence in your life, you want to choose a gift that floors her with your thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and generosity.

So, here are some of the best mother’s day gift ideas to dazzle your mother-in-law:

A photographic collage

Take mum-in-law down memory lane and get her all misty-eyed with this unique gift. Put together a collage of childhood photographs of her son in various stages of growth till his wedding day (cleverly squeezing yourself in her line of vision as well!). Get the collage printed on a quilt, or create memorable individual ones for a pillowcase or even a teapot cover. Alternatively, create a montage of these photographs and have them mounted and framed attractively.

Personalised gifts – the choice is yours!

Instead of shoving just any gift into her hands, take out some time to personalise it. It could be a card or a cookie, but a personalised gift tells her, ‘you are special’. And there are few women who fail to succumb to this tug on the heartstrings. Give the typical store-bought card a miss this year. Make a handmade Mother’s Day card instead. If you are a wizard at the easel, paint her a water sketch with a sentimental verse written within the card. Or, display your generous streak by affixing an old photograph of a mother and son (your husband) on the card cover.

Gift hamper

Show her you are tuned in to her likes and dislikes by creating a marvellous gift basket that has a little bit of everything that makes her world go around. Favourite author’s paperbacks, CDs of favourite singer, a DVD set of her all-time favourite movies – what else? Umm, maybe a slab of her favourite chocolate. Let a carefully chosen card and a bouquet of gorgeous Mothers day flowers add the final flourish.

Pamper her palate!

The chances are that you have learned how to bake hubby dear’s favourite apple pie under her expert tutelage. And if you were a greenhorn in the kitchen when you got married, you probably have her to thank for helping you cope with cakes that sank and pans that got routinely burnt. Mother’s Day is the ideal day to flex your culinary muscles and show her that you were a perfect student. Invite her over for a Mother’s Day lunch and layout a lip-smacking fare of her favourite dishes.

Spend time together

In the frenetic pace of modern living, the one thing that is always in short supply is one’s time. That visit always gets pushed to next week, that phone call will materialise as soon as this project is turned in, and the list of tasks put on the backburner just goes on increasing.

If your spouse is her only child and she lives alone, she is probably a lonely lady craving human company. Spend this day with her and catch up with all the gossip. Take mum-in-law shopping and surprise her with the gift you had planned for her. Treat her to a flick she wants to see, followed by a fabulous lunch. Hubby dear is going to be so pleased – his two favourite girls bonding big time.

Mum or mum-in-law, at the end of the day, both are mothers. Make this Mother’s Day really special for your mother-in-law. And sow the seeds for a stronger relationship with your husband. Happy Mother’s Day!

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