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Must-Have Sales Tools in 2022

by John Milton
Sales Tools

Today, the world is far more competitive than it used to be in the previous century or even 25 to 30 years ago, thanks to the internet revolution. As every aspect of socio-economic life has become exponentially competitive, there is a sector that is very crucial for any inherently competitive business that is now vying more than ever, the sales sector. Succeeding in sales is not a piece of cake in this vibrant era.

In this article, we are going to explore the sales tools that are used by leading sales professionals to outperform their competitors and stand out in the market. However, it is advisable to be aware of your ground realities and needs while purchasing and using such types of tools. We will give you a comprehensive overview of the best sales tool in the market so that you can choose according to your business need. So, let’s get started!

What are Sales Tools?

First of all, you need to understand what sales tools are? They are a set of software used by sales professionals to keep themselves more productive and efficient. Sales tools, as a term, refer to various technologies which encompass sales intelligence and prospecting, customer relationship management (CRM), sales acceleration, data connectors, integration, and more.

These technologies help sales professionals to devise a strategy that is most likely to give them huge profits. Furthermore, these tools save time and bring work, therefore, enabling the salesperson to focus on more important aspects of the project, i.e., adding a valve for business and customers.

In addition, nowadays, more and more employees are asking for sales tools since they are making the work seamless and facile. These technologies are the need of the hour; if you want to compete in today’s highly completive markets, you have to equip your employees with these tools; otherwise, you are destined to become obsolete in no time. A LinkedIn survey shows that 94pc sales of sales persons say that these tools help them significantly since emphasizing the need for sales tools.

Following are the need-to-know sales tools for you.

1.    CRM

 Customer Relationship Management software, as the name suggests, helps in the management of business relationships with customers. It enables businesses to keep track of new and exciting customers, improve communications and enhance customer remembrance.

CRM is considered the most important investment of any company. Almost 68% professionals stated that CRM systems are significant to closing a deal. Due to technological advancements, CRMs have evolved into a sophisticated system, providing real-time updates to professionals about a project, lead scoring, automated repetitive tasks, and many more features to enhance sales. Modern CRMs are SaaS platforms, meaning no extra hardware is required, only a mobile phone and an internet connection, and you are good to go. You can pay the provider on a monthly and an annual basis.

2.    Sales Intelligence and Sales Prospecting

These tools refer to a cluster of technologies that enables sales professionals to find and keep an eye on potential and existing clients. This system tells the professionals what to talk to, who they should talk to, and when to reach out to them. Consequently, providing contextual information about the client to the sales person when they are having a conversation with the. Furthermore, they also give information about purchase history, current contacts, business objectives, and digital footprints.

In addition, about 62pc of sales personnel believe that this tool was integral in closing the deal, and 78pc of companies are going to invest more in this sales tool.

3.    Sales Analytics

This software is used to track, evaluate and enhance sales activities along with forecasting results and trends. It is essentially used to break down data into small pieces so that a salesperson can analyze and locate the best performing and flawed segments. In short, this tool is used to analyze if the current strategy is working or not.

Modern sales setups involve tons of data; rather than manually analyzing the data, it is fed to this software which keeps, manages, and analyzes it systematically. Sales analytics are often used with CRM, making a system that records and analyzes data simultaneously. The adoption of sales analytics is growing rapidly.

4.    Sales Productivity

It is the cluster of software which are aimed to increase the productivity of a salesperson by offering a wide range of automation and other time-saving tools. They help the professionals to generate leads, make calls, write proposals, schedule meetings, create pipeline reports, etc.  

These types of tools serve as an assistant, automate repetitive tasks and save time for the salespeople to do the work that matters most, hence increasing the productivity of sales personnel.

5.    Data Connectors and Integration

When you have too many digital tools, sometimes it becomes messy because they often work independently and are not easily accessible from a single system. Here, data connectors can be handy. This is a tool that connects independent systems and makes them accessible from a single system. This truly makes the life of the agent peaceful.

On the other hand, data integration is a bit different; it combines data from different sources in a single system rather than allowing just the movement of data between the systems.

6.    Sales Enablement and Digital Sales Rooms

As B2B sales are becoming increasingly automated, sales personnel will spend more time in larger opportunities where consultant approaches, tailored proposals, and discovery meetings play a more important role. Because of these large sales processes, digital portals will become more popular. Through these systems, factions can share data, talk to each other and make customs proposals with potential buyers.

These portals enable the salesperson to track content that customers interact with, which can be handy while crafting a proposal. After the G2 release, digital sales rooms emerged as a new category. Also, we have seen many sales enablement rebranding themselves as DSR vendors. However, the Sales person will find it handy when it comes to creating a buying experience.


Sales tools are the need of the hour. As the world is sailing toward digitalization, we have seen heavy digitization in business, particularly in the sales sector. If you want to keep up the pace and stay competitive with the world, you need to equip your employees with these digital sales tools; otherwise, you won’t stand the competition.

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