New Trending Designs for Nail Polish Packaging in 2020

Best nail polish boxes are said to be the one that looks alluring and are more durable at the same time. They are manufactured from compostable materials that have higher rigidity as compared to others. Their flexible nature facilitates their consumers to make them in some useful shapes and sizes which can further be customized into various designs as per the respective need of time. Their distinctive appearance adds charms to the items that are packed inside. They generally have some distinctive die-cuts in their designs from where the packed item is exhibited. The enticing colors of the nail polish bottles make a perfect combination with the color of the packaging box that makes them look more presentable. Their fine surfaces support various printing techniques that make their visuals more enriched. To further enhance their overall presentations and performance at the same time, special lamination like gloss, matte, metallic sheens, etc. are applied to them.


Influencing Products:-

In the past year, we all have witnessed the wonders of packaging solutions in the cosmetic industry. Nail polishes are also one of their majorly influenced items. Many packaging vendors are offering their best nail polish boxes to their clients to stay ahead of others for the year 2020. If you are also a seller of nail polishes and are looking for new and trending designs for their packaging, then you have come to the right place. We have examined the market for you and found out some unique designs of nail polish packaging that you can use for the next supply of your items. These designs are:-

State-of-the-Art Shapes

The shapes of the packaging solutions are the first trait that helps to grasp the attention of the customers. Every brand is now competing with others by thinking out of the box and practicing unique shapes to create distinctive and amazing packaging items for their valuable beautifying items. Now is the time to play with the designs of the boxes to make them appear more attention-grabbing. Custom Nail Polish Boxes have adaptable manufacturing materials that facilitate their consumers to try various design shapes. Instead of following a common square or rectangle shape, they are now making them in the shape of some defined objects. For example, you can make the shape of a box as a fingernail and by having a special die-cut in the nail area of a finger, the color of the nail polish bottle can be displayed like a painted nail.

Interactive Packaging

Nowadays, the packaging of any item is more than just a protective case. It helps to depict the brand identity and its respective story to the customers. Their consumers use them to communicate their respective brand messages to their clients. This helps to have a better connection with them to establish prolonged business relationships. In order to achieve this need for communication, interactive packaging is securing a special place in the market. To make nail polish boxes interactive, special use of doodle arts and illustrations is in major highlight. The use of vibrant color schemes makes their printings stand out from the rest. Using readable font sizes and styles makes them easy to understand by everyone. You can print steps of unique nail art designs on the packaging boxes to facilitate your customers to try new designs more efficiently.

Holographic Effect

With the latest development in technology, many innovations are seen in the designing and printing of packaging solutions. One of them is to use high-tech printing techniques to create a holographic effect on custom printed nail polish boxes. Previously packaging vendors were using different color gradients to achieve such a look, but now different printing inks like a solvent, UV cured, and latex are getting in use. These inks are combined together to emboss a specific design pattern onto the surface of boxes and with the help of light, it will help to reveal the three-dimensional effect of these unique designs.

Maximalism – A new Change

Customers are now more attentive towards getting the complete details and information regarding the product and the manufacturing brand. The packaging is the initial item that facilitates them to acquire all the required information. This introduces a new concept of maximalism to capture the maximum attention of the customers. The consumers can now utilize the maximum surface area of the packaging box. Create high-quality nail polish boxes by printing different texts and images to provide comprehensive information that would rectify different concerns of the customers regarding the quality and further facilitate them to make their purchase without any hesitation or confusion. A sense of detailed luxury can be achieved by dividing the areas of their surfaces and print different pieces of information on them. For example, you can print the whole box with some patterns or florals designs to give them an occupied background look and on top of it print the distinctive name, logo, composing ingredients, any special medical warning to avoid the allergic reaction, etc. Write each and every detail about the product and their manufacturing company by using vibrant colors of the printing inks and different font styles for their printing to make them enticing.

Color Tones

Our concerns for the safety of the environment will never fade. Packaging vendors are finding new and improved methods to contribute their share in this worldwide threat. At first, compostable materials were getting in use to manufacture smart packaging that was easy to reprocess and reuse multiple times without causing any harm to the environment. But now nail polish boxes manufacturers are using warm and earthy colors on their packaging boxes to provide them more association with the environment. They use such warm color tones to change the concept that only brown color of the kraft means an eco-friendly packaging. The subtle shades give a sense of vintage and also link them with nature more efficiently. Different shades of these boxes represent the items that are packaged inside them as more organic and safer for both the customers and the environment.

Final Words:-

These are some of the latest trending designs of nail polish packaging that is expected to be seen throughout the year 2020. Some of these ideas are entirely new in the market while some are the improved versions of older designing concepts. You can either pick one from these above-mentioned ideas or you can take help from different online packaging websites. Numerous vendors are offering innovative and affordable nail polish boxes in the market. You can take advantage of their doorstep product delivery services to get yourself free from the pain of actually going out to get innovative packaging by yourself.

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