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How to choose the best topic for your online training

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In the past, you could still ‘promise’ your potential customers that you are the best in your market, and that they should choose you. But that kite is no longer valid nowadays. Now you have to prove that you are the expert before you get a chance. And there is no better way to demonstrate your expert status than by creating a successful online course – online training ideas

If you are the teacher in your field, there is no doubt that you know what you are talking about. You’re the expert. Point.

Today, an online course is indispensable for any entrepreneur who wants to be seen as the market leader and thought leader in his field.

But you can hardly make a course on everything in your field. That will be way too big, way too comprehensive. That would be such a big job that it is almost impossible to put it on the market for a reasonable price. The solution: choose a topic. Part of your field – online training ideas

But which topic should you choose?

Step 1: Choose a topic where your passion lies

The topic of your training should be something you love. What makes your heart beat faster when you talk about it. If you are not passionate about your topic, everyone will immediately see that you don’t like your topic. And that makes your training just as fascinating as a ten-part book series about the eating habits of the slipper animal.

Do not think that you necessarily have to make training at the university level. Think about your skills, talents, and all your life experience. How to make beautiful website designs, how to write a non-fiction book, how to cook the best pasta in the world, how to draw cartoon characters… the list of possible topics for your training is endless.

If you love your topic, if you are good at your subject, and if you have the necessary experience, then you may have got your hands on a topic that is going to work for you.

On to step 2!

Step 2: Check if there is a market for your online training

I think the chances are not that you would like to work on online training for weeks, only to find out that no one is waiting for your training. However? No, I thought.

That’s why that’s the next step: validating your topic. We are going to do market research.

Many trainers think they have little chance of success if there is already a lot of competition in their field. If there are any other online training courses. But that certainly does not have to be the case. When there is a lot of competition, there is often also high demand in the market. And a market demand offers opportunities. What gaps are other trainers leaving? This can be in terms of content, but it can also be about the teaching style.

So don’t shoot your idea right away!

During our market research we have three research questions:

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  • Are people talking about it?
  • Do people ask questions about it?
  • Is the competition leaving a gap?


If your answer to all these three questions is ‘yes’, then we have a potential hit. Time for step 3!

Step 3: Refine your topic and set compelling learning goals with magnetic appeal

Why are you following training? Why spend your precious time when you could do something else? The reason is simple: because you are pursuing a goal. You want to master a skill. Getting better at something. Growing in your field. Start with a hobby.

Therefore, focus on youronline training ideas. Don’t underestimate the importance of learning goals.

Would you give your money to someone for the training of which you don’t know what it will bring you? No of course not.

You undoubtedly know what your training will bring to your students. You have a passion for your course. You live your course. But that doesn’t mean your potential students know. And one thing is for sure, if your students don’t know how your course is going to help them, they probably won’t enroll.

Therefore, determine in advance what the learning objectives will be.

What skills will they learn?

What new knowledge will they acquire?

What feelings and insights about themselves will they discover?

If you formulate clear learning goals, you ensure that you address the students who best suit your training. They know in advance what to expect. That will lead to higher success rates and super satisfied customers – online training ideas

To work!

So what are you waiting for? Get started. Brainstorm, mind mapping, take a walk, or take a shower. Find the place where you get the best ideas. And take your first step towards your new online training.

Oh, and do you still need a good Online Learning Environment?


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