Best Online PC Games: You Don’t Want to Miss!

Online games can play on a computer using internet service. Computer games can use a PC or game console. There are so many websites to play online games by downloading the flash player.

For online games, I need the best internet in my area. The top free games you can play online are:

Rift :

Rift is a massively multiplayer online game that has a monthly fee in the world of Telara. There are battles between players and game elements, which include battles between players. With hundreds of players simultaneously appearing on the screen during a massive invasion, the battle can be fierce. Multiple weapons can be used, and we can see some blood. A high-end computer is required for this game. The minimum requirements for the computer include a dual-core processor, two gigabytes of RAM, a graphic card with Nvidia GeForce FX 5900 or ATI / AMD Radeon X300 or higher and a high-speed, best internet services in my area. This is the most top online game you can play.

World of Warships :

World of Warships is a legend, a free global multi-player online game where you can master the ocean in the largest warship in history! Recruit legendary commanders, upgrade your ships and fight against players around the world for the supremacy of the navy. One of the earliest aircraft carriers with armored flight decks in the navy’s history. The game version of the ship carried two types of aircraft on its deck: twelve fighter planes and eight bombers with two squadrons each. Therefore, you can fire an entire squadron even if the previous squadron of the same type has not yet returned from attack or has attacked. All aircraft at this level has high cruising speeds, so you can quickly reach part of the battlefield and launch a malicious attack on enemy ships.

World of Tanks :

Team-based MMO action game devoted to tank warfare in the mid-20th century. Travel through open fields, climb steep hills, through forests, cross deserts and fight in cities / industrial areas. Gather your teammates, make battle plans and destroy more than 40 battlefields. This is the most amazing online game you can play with your friends.

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Star Trek Online :

For the first time in the online version of Star Trek, the world of Star Trek has really appeared on a large scale. In this huge online multi-player game from MysteriousWork space, performers can travel their own fortune as the leader of the Confederacy Spacelab.

Alternatively, they could become Klingon warlords and extend the empire to distant regions of the galaxy. When you complete an action task and play the Star Trek online game, it feels like the action in the new Star Trek. Engagephysically in the upcoming of the 25th century Trek creation: a period of ever-changing associations and new detections.

Discover an extraordinary different domain and discover a new life and development is the enormous increasing world. Connect with new races, discover resources and discover the secrets that will affect the future of Star Trek. In 2409, it released the online version of Star Trek beyond the latest films, so everything you experience is brand new but still based on all the novels you love.

Star Trek Online is the first MMO to launch with space and ground combat features. The mission takes you and your friends into the depths of space, through alien planets and even into the spaceship. As the captain of your own ship, you guide the crew to tasks that span multiple locations.

You can decide where you are. When in space, you can control the action – be it in a violent battle or while maneuvering in 3D space – and fire a variety of weapons at the enemy, or when you enter the unprecedented galaxy. On the ground, you lead the guest team through exciting terrain, interact with your allies and fight against the enemy.

Neverwinter :

Rise from the ruins in Neverwinter and explore and defend one of the most popular cities in the movement of the forgotten kingdom of dragons and dungeons. Epic stories, action battles, and classic role-playing games are waiting for the heroes who courageously enter the fantasy winter world!

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