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Some people just have the preference to personalize their own stuff.So some do it just to be different; some do it for the art. Others do it because they want some avenue of self-expression. While others merely just want to be sure they can identify their belongings from all the other mass-produced generic items people have. Personalizing stuff has done wonders for the customers and entrepreneurs as they can now create beautiful one-off and non-mass produced items compared to previous practices of mass production as zero customization.

With that in mind, here is a list of some things you can personalize. This is not an exhaustive or definitive list, so feel free to use this list as a jump-off point.

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You can definitely design socks yourself! The trick is in knowing what you want and ensuring that those will look good on your feet! Not all designs are made equal, but for sure most people will want to design their own sock at some point. Ever got frustrated in looking for the perfect sock to match or shoes, sneakers, or even your pants? Rather than scour through piles and piles of socks on department store aisles, just spend it designing your very own customized sock! Just sure not to print NSFW material on your intended work socks!


Even intimate wear can be customized! What makes us think that we all must wear the same underwear? We all have the power to differentiate our boxers! Now you never have to worry about losing your boxers to someone else at the laundromat! Because you have unique, custom boxers will boost your self-esteem, ego, and your sexiness! What you need to do is lookup a design that suits you and makes you feel happy and confident about yourself and use that as a jump-off point for your design. Go crazy with it! Don’t be afraid to use bright colors! Your underwear is your canvas!


I’m not talking about custom made furniture. I am talking about using your tables or desks as a blank canvas! Make it bright and shine some color and light unto it! This will totally ensure that your table won’t be plain and boring. Choose a theme and stick with it! Not only will this liven up your work or home environment, but this also ensures that you will be reminded of your endeavors to constantly push yourself out of the stress of work and home. Think of it as a time capsule of happiness when you added some color onto it.

        4.TOILET PAPER

Even toilet paper can be customized! Some may just use it to show off their extreme wealth, while others might just want to use it to convey their message. Whatever the reason and whatever the design, just be sure that you are comfortable using it. No sense in customizing toilet paper when you won’t even use it! Customized toilet paper gets the attention of numerous people and may even make for a memorable gift and trinket to everyone.


Don’t need to customize the perfume label. No, this goes beyond that and wants you to customize your own scent. Now, this customization makes total sense. You wouldn’t want to smell like someone else, right? Well, now you can mix and match a variety of perfume scents to ensure that your smell won’t be mistaken for someone else’s. Several perfume bars and manufacturers offer you the option to do so via in-store campaigns. But, you can even do this at home just by experimenting with a mix of perfumes and checking which concoction your nose approves of. Seek also approval and advice from friends and family on your blends to ensure your blends are socially acceptable. The last thing that you want to happen is people developing allergic rhinitis to your smell.


Probably the easiest and most cost-effective thing to do is customize your own wallpaper! I am not talking about your desktop or laptop wallpaper, though. But since I mentioned it, I might as well go and consider changing those as well! Take a nice photo and make some edits or scribble something up if you are good at drawing and digitize it to be able to convert it to your own wallpaper. The reference was meant for custom wallpaper for your room or house. Most off the shelf wallpaper lack character and well, kind of looks like your neighbor’s interior. You don’t want people thinking you copied off each other! So, pick a design or pattern which evokes a feeling or theme which you want to be transmitted indoors in your house. Doing so helps soften the mood and relaxes the guests and people living inside the house.

        7.WALL CLOCK

Time might be one of the most boring things to do if you were a clock. Luckily, none of us here is a clock. Because clocks have some prime real estate on their faces, a wall clock is a great item to have customized to ensure that people not only know the time but also see a unique side of you. For example, if you are an artist, then you can proudly display your artwork as a background for the clock. Some might even put photos of people or events or make it a commemorative clock to ensure people remember the event attended or occasion.

Again, please remember that this isn’t a definitive list and that there are lots more things that can be customized like the rolex da parete. We just gave the above list to give some sort of idea with regards to the possible items which can either be made for yourself or as gifts and how each one should be able to put a dash of our own personalities with it.

There are plenty of options on where to buy the above, just be sure that you do your research diligently and ensure that your design is something that you are happy with!

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