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Photo Restoration | Convert Black and White Photos to Color in 2022

by M Sakhawat
Photo Restoration

When it comes to old memories then every person becomes very concerned as they are precious to all. People always try to store their good memories to have a source of happiness in the past. Hence, they save pictures and videos of special events.


But the majority of users have to face a common problem: that their old pictures get scratches or turn yellow. In such a situation, there comes a need for a tool or platform to restore them. Several tools and platforms are available for this purpose.


Similarly, people are also trying to have a tool for restoring their black and white pictures. We are here with an amazing article that will surely help you to know how a person can restore his old photos. A person can use the colorize photo tool defined on the Imgkits website. 

Photo restoration tool of Imgkits:


There are a majority of users who are unaware of the photo restoration tool of imgkits. This tool is available for users who are in search of a platform or service that they can use to colorize photo that is black or white.


As in the past, the pictures clicked by people were black and white because the technology was not as advanced at that time. Hence, to bring life to old photos imgkits provide us with amazing tools for photo restoration. Other tools of imgkits like anime filter or watermark remover etc are also full-featured as well as reliable.

Why do we need to colorize a photo?


Now, we are going to discuss some reasons why a person has to use the photo restoration tool:


  • If you have a very old photo of your father or mother that is now no longer with you then you can colorize that photo and convert it to a colorful form from black and white form.


  • If you are trying to upload a picture but that picture contains scratches and other kinds of marks then you can easily restore it using the photo restoration tool of imgkits.


  • If you want to use a picture in your presentation but it looks so appropriate just because of scratches on it then you can restore it with the help of imgkits tool named photo restoration tool.


  • If you are planning the birthday of your grandmother or grandfather then you can colorize their old photo and can surprise them with the new version of the photo.

Steps to colorize photo:


Once you have decided to colorize your photo then you have to follow some simple steps that we are going to discuss below:

  • Open website:


The first step is to gain access to the website using any browser. Then on the main page of the website, we will see all the options and tools required for editing purposes.

  • Select tool:


To restore a photo, a person has to select the photo restoration tool. After selecting the tool, the website will ask for the picture that we want to restore and will start working on it.

  • Output:


As soon as we upload the image, the website will start processing it and we will get the output image in some time.



If you are in search of a tool or a website that allows you to restore a photo that contains scratches. Then we are sure that the above article will prove to be helpful for you. A person can colorize a photo that is white or black by using the photo restoration tool defined on the Imgkits website. 


Not only a photo restoration tool, but Imgkits also has further tools and features for different edits. It contains a background remover for removing background, a watermark remover for removal of the watermark, and an anime filter for converting a photo to a cartoon.

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