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Play fantasy IPL and win exciting prizes and money at home

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Play fantasy IPL

Games have always been the best entertainment source for people for ages. May it be cricket, football, badminton, basketball, rugby, tennis, golf, chess, or any other games? Parents encouraged their children to play outdoor games as much as possible in their growing ages to increase their body strength and mobility. But as the days passed, technology took over the idea of playing outside and children were attracted more towards indoor games. Play fantasy IPL

It’s not that indoor games are bad or something. Board games such as chess, snake and ladders, ludo, monopoly, and card games such as Uno are good games to be played indoors. Since the pandemic hit, all of us were forced to stay indoors and entertain ourselves with indoor activities. Those who wanted to continue their sports had to buy equipment such as golf simulators, immersive VR games, and more.

New ways of entertainment were discovered by many in this period. But the thing which was affected the most was the outdoor activities. Restrictions made it impossible to go outside and play. That compelled everyone to stick to their smart phones and survive this pandemic without the boredom of everyday life. 

During this time, virtual games hit major success by providing what the audience needed the most in these difficult times. It is well known that people have a craze for video games more than that for board games.

Play station, Xbox, and online games made it easier for beginners and pro gamers to pass their time and overcome the boredom. 2020’s Olympic Games were canceled because of covid and it was a heartbreaking decision for the players and contestants. To deliver what the public demanded in the crisis, the Indian Premier League, IPL 2020 took place with no audience in the stands. 

The Indian Premier League started in 2008 and is the most awaited series by cricket lovers every year. Because of its growing popularity, a virtual game is presented to enthusiasts where they can play fantasy IPL by choosing players and creating a team.

Cricketers from teams around the globe are chosen by a particular team in the auction every year. This encourages new performers to show their skills in IPL. Many Indian celebrities such as Preity Zinta, Shahrukh Khan, and Juhi Chawla own cricket teams. 

Teams play next to each other in the ipl to win the precious trophy and exciting prizes and titles. Some of the teams and their owners: 

  • Royal Challengers Bangalore: Diageo through United Spirits Limited
  • Chennai Super Kings: N. Srinivasan
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad: Kalanidhi Maran
  • Delhi Capitals: JSW Sports, GMR Sports Pvt Ltd
  • Mumbai Indians: Reliance Industries
  • Kolkata Knight Riders: Shahrukh Khan, Jay Mehta, and Juhi Chawla 
  • Rajasthan Royals: Manoj Badale
  • Punjab Kings: Preity Zinta, Karan Paul, Ness Wadia, Mohit Burman

The fantasy IPL gets interesting as the series progress and the contestants playing it virtually win exciting prizes and virtual currency if they predict the scores and it matches the real scores and numbers by the cricketers in reality. Anyone can play it virtually when all the rules are known. 

The fantasy league app apk allows users to download the game and play it by instructing first. Understanding the rules of the fantasy league before starting to play is important.

The app allows you to choose your players and create a team. Features such as run-outs, total score, wickets taking, low economy rates, etc. make it interesting for the contestants to guess the outcomes and win prizes in the end. Though fantasy ipl is for entertainment purposes only, and if there is a chance to win prizes by sitting in front of your smart phone why shouldn’t you take it? 

To win, you need to pay attention to the tricks and tips before starting. 

  • Identifying the core and powerful Indian players: The majority of Indian players are selected while creating a team. Since they are in majority, your chances of getting the guesses right increases above odds. Foreign players feature very little in the tournament and you should avoid them to increase your chances. 
  • Getting the all-rounders: All-rounders are specialists in batting as well as bowling and some might wicket keep as well. These are the players on which you can rely most of the time because if they are in form in the season, you are likely to get lucky by picking them in your team in the first place. 
  • Investing in new players: IPL gives chance to the new generation players and it has been a trend that the underdogs have performed extraordinarily in the premier. Because their performance in this tournament increases their chances to get selected in the main team when going to international tournaments, they are likely to form more than usual. This thing acts as an advantage for the contestants choosing these new players in their team. 
  • Making a strong team: It is important to keep in mind all the things that can go wrong in a match. You should not focus only on the batsman and neglect the bowlers because if in some match the batsman is out of form or gets injured, the chances of the team losing increases, which means the chances of you losing increases too. Equal importance should be given to the batsmen and the bowlers while forming a team that can balance and counter-attack if one of the wings fails to perform well. This is what makes your team a strong one. 

There are point scores for every move in the tournament. By understanding them, one can easily master the virtual ipl experience. During batting, 1 point is given for each run and a boundary, 2 points for each six, 8 points for a half-century, 16 points for a century, and -2 if the batsman gets out on duck.

During bowling, 8 points for a maiden over and taking four wickets in a single match, 16 points for taking five wickets in a single match, and 25 points for each wicket excluding run-outs. During fielding, 4 points for a catch leading to run-out, 8 points for each catch, 8 points for throw leading to run-out, and 12 points for direct run-out.

Once you get all these things right you are ready to play it with increased chances of winning. 

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