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Playing Pocket Aces

by M Sakhawat
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What is Pocket Aces?

Pocket Aces is considered the most powerful hand of cards in the online poker game Texas Hold ’em. Many poker players online don’t favour this set, but in reality, having a hand of two Aces will give you massive profits in poker. It would help if you had a clear and robust strategy when your starting hand is a pocket ace. You must know when to fold this hand and win the jackpot. One of the strategies used mainly by the players is to raise and re-raise the bets before the flop.

It is suggested that you put almost all of your chips in the middle with such a set of hands. After the flop, you should again start raising money and be aggressive in the game to have more money in the pot. Bold playing style will induce other players also to increase their bets which will be an advantage for you. In the free poker online game, you should leave sometime in between the betting and flop. So that if someone raises a pre-flop, then you can immediately raise a more significant amount in the pot.


Tips for Pocket Aces

The most important tip is that when a poker player online has pocket aces, you shouldn’t play your hand slowly. Beginners don’t understand the game properly and then play this strong hand slowly. But this should be done before the flop. After flop, the circumstances change because if you don’t hit a set, all you have is a pair.

It is observed that people don’t raise bets at the start of the game so playing slow is not suggested. Hence it is your responsibility to build your pot if you want to win big. If the other players don’t have chips to put in middle, then you can’t do much about that. They anyway will fold their hand. But if they feel they have a good hand, they will also raise and then call your hand; that is exactly what you want them to do and make you win with pocket aces.

It should be your default strategy to always raise pre-flop in online poker games with pocket aces in hand. It is the best way when you don’t know other poker players online. This is a go-to strategy for poker sites in India.

It is advised that you shouldn’t get too attached to your hands. The lesser the opponents, it’s better for you to execute your strategy. It would be best to keep in mind that pocket aces are a strong strategy and not an unbeatable strategy. There are other sets that can beat pocket aces.

Checking on the flops is a great tip for a reason because the pocket aces will be the top pair on any of the turns and you will win even if anyone calls a bet or checks in the next move. If pocket aces are compared to other hands like flush, pocket tens, etc, then there are many chances that those cards can be overturned.


Mistakes to avoid

The pre-flop raise should be consistent. Players usually tend to raise an unusually high amount by looking at the pocket aces in their hands. But this only alerts the opponent that you have a better hand and they might fold their hand when you want them to call your hand or re-raise the bet. For example, in a game, you have opened raising by Rs 5000 and then after looking at pocket aces, you raise Rs 15000 more. It rings a bell in the opponent’s head and hence it is advised to raise your bets consistently and not in an unusual way.

It would help if you kept in mind that you shouldn’t be too passive after the flop. Because when you have a strong hand like pocket aces in online poker, if you check and do not raise the bets, it gives the opponent an advantage to increase the size of the pot with their bets.

When playing on a scary board with multiple player, you have to be extra cautious as you might get called by the big blind after your raise and then the flop will come.



It is a huge positive when you get a pocket aces hand because of the above reasons. You now know the do’s and don’t of this hand and how to ace it. So you have become more powerful with the above tips and now have a bigger chance of winning something when laying online poker. If you follow the directions properly, you can become a professional online poker player with practice.

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