Popular Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Digital marketing is not a new term nowadays. Undoubtedly, a lot of people are now familiar with how it helps businesses. The number of digital marketing agencies as well businesses availing these services has increased over the years. All these services cover a variety of domains and assist businesses in various niches. Last year, because of Covid-19 and the lockdown, a lot of businesses faced major downfall, but digital marketing had seen a major rise.

Today, businesses are getting digitalized and changing their platform from offline to online. Services covered under this umbrella-like Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization have helped in increasing sales. Every year, new trends come and go. Technology has also helped in these changing trends. Over the last decade, you might have observed these trends and how they help in growth. If you have not used these trends last year, here is another opportunity waiting for you. Leaving behind 2020 and its chaos, let us take a new start at the beginning of this decade. Check these upcoming digital marketing trends of 2021 and boost your business

Voice and Visual Searches

Voice-activated software and tools like Siri, Alexa, and Google Home have become popular. A digital marketing agency can help in SEO related to it for increasing the website ranking in these voice-based searches. Along with voice search, visual searches have also become a trend. A few online shopping apps provide these visual searches. You need to click a picture or upload it for finding related images or solving a query. Visual and voice searches are a quick and easy way of performing searches and they also provide better and precise results related to your query. 

Programmatic Advertising

By using programmatic advertising, you can create and promote ads that focus more on selective audiences related to the topic and niche. Platforms providing these programmatic services have increased. The selected and interested segments of audiences are targeted in these programmatic campaigns. Advertising is done using platforms that have databases of various people and are available for use. The platform also uses a real-time method for running these campaigns. Programmatic advertising allows a more authentic and data-driven decision by digital marketing agencies. You do not need to spend a lot of money on it, but you get a lot of returns through it.

Personalization of Content

Content personalization is also a crucial aspect of digital marketing. Major businesses and brands have started using personalized content for their customers as it attracts more customers. It allows the customers to get more relatable choices and data and hence they use it more. Generic content gets annoying and does not target the right audience. You spend more money but do not get anything in return. On the other hand, by using personalized content you invest comparatively less but target the right audience.

Post infographic content more often, as it engages audiences and holds their interest more. Making infographic content is no more a hectic task, you can design an attractive infographic with an infographic maker Online

Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers have a huge impact on the current social media audience. It is an efficient way of targeting the audience. Influencer marketing amplifies your brand image and appeals to a larger group of audiences. These influencers post regularly on different social media platforms as they have millions of followers on their social media handles. Some well-recognized personalities are also involved in influencer marketing. You can easily find many influencers related to a different niche like travel influencer, lifestyle influencer, fashion influencer, etc. and then you can select and contact the ones that suit your product or brand. Almost every digital marketing company in Chennai, Bangalore, or elsewhere is introducing influencer marketing on a large scale.

Social Media Platforms

Other than focusing on influencers, you can also create social media handles for your business. The influencers can link and tag your social media handles on their posts. You can use various methods for increasing views and likes for your posts. First of all, plan your content in advance and secondly, post content regularly. The content should be well-written and must be relevant. You must also use hashtags that are trending and also matches your line of business. Post more videos and sharable content for more views.

You can also run campaigns and giveaways for your followers. Try creating more engagement by posting interactive content like polls, quizzes, updates, etc. You should also use social media platforms that suit your business. Podcasts are also a major trend these days. There are many new features introduced on social media platforms like shoppable posts, reels, story highlights, live streaming, location tags, etc.

Different Search Engines

The domination of Google among search engines is not unnoticeable, but other than Google, you should also focus on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Each search engine has its own algorithm and follows its criteria or Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking. You must also write content that is suitable for other search engines. The competition is also less on these search engines and you can easily increase your ranking.  


When we talk about digital marketing, you cannot forget the importance of chatbots. They are like human agents. These chatbots have created a new wave of revolution not only in digital marketing but also in the field of technology. Many websites have introduced chatbots along with artificial intelligence. They are an easy and quick way of connecting with your audience. They help in better data-based content as well as increase your business. There are different types of chatbots available in the market. You can also modify them and use it according to your requirements.

Digital marketing is all about changing trends and following them. You must stay updated with these trends for a better grasp on the audience. You should also focus on the requirements of the business and how the competitors are performing using the same resources.

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