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Print vs. LED Billboard Advertising

by John Milton
Print vs. LED Billboard Advertising

Even when the world is going gaga over digital marketing, most brands are still embracing traditional advertising. And why not? They still attract people and drive a good return on investment. 

And since you’re here, you’re also one of those brands that want to make the most out of traditional marketing. So, without further ado, let’s understand print vs. LED billboard advertising. 

What is LED Billboard Advertising?

An LED billboard is a huge LED screen that changes the advertisements every few seconds. Also known as digital billboards, these LED billboards are popular in New York Times Square and Las Vegas. 

More than 60% of people look at billboards while driving to learn about new products and offerings. However, a majority of people don’t pay attention to printed billboards as they’re usually less attractive. 

On the other hand, LED billboards change every few seconds, attracting moving eyes. Plus, they are more pocket-friendly than print advertising. 

What is Print Billboard Advertising? 

Print billboards are a type of print media that allows companies to print and advertise their products on billboards outdoors. They are mostly static and more expensive than LED billboard advertising. 

Print vs. LED Billboard

Both print and LED billboard advertising have their own advantages and disadvantages. The right one for your business depends on your needs and budget. 

Let’s understand the pros and cons of both kinds of billboard advertising so you can make a more informed decision. 

Pros of Print Advertising

  • Time: Since print billboards are often static, they can be made and printed quickly. Plus, you can place the billboards for weeks or months and not worry about sharing the space with other companies. Moreover, your branding will be visible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This gives you a competitive advantage in your location. 
  • Economical: Since it involves very less technology, it makes print advertising more economical than LED billboard advertising. So, if you are low on budget, the print billboard is the best option. 
  • Low-tech: As mentioned above, print billboard advertising does not involve any technology. Furthermore, the ad won’t change every few seconds, giving customers enough time to read the advertisement. 

Cons of Print Advertising

  • Bland: When compared to LED advertising, print billboards are bland and boring. This means you need to spend more time designing the banner or risk losing potential customers. 
  • Experts: You will have to hire experts who can climb the top of the billboard to change the messaging if you are looking to advertise multiple messages. If the location of the billboard is not good, your messaging will likely be ignored.

Pros of LED Billboard Advertising

  • Cost-effective: While it might seem that LED billboards are expensive, they’re not. In fact, when you invest in LED billboard advertising, you will receive the maximum value of money. Reports indicate that LED billboards can increase your revenue by as much as 150%. 
  • Proximity: LED billboards do not need to be close to your business. In fact, they could be as far as 100 miles and still deliver great results thanks to the visualization memory it offers. Besides, you can even personalize your messaging per location at nominal rates. 
  • Flexibility: Unlike print advertising, LED billboards offer maximum flexibility. You can change the messaging every day or week to adapt to your latest offerings. In fact, LED advertising is so flexible that you can even decide the times you want to run your ads. This enables you to drive better results at low prices. 
  • Technology: Depending on your LED billboard partner, you can even get advanced solutions like geolocation and vehicle recognition. This will help you offer targeted deals to customers.  

Cons of LED Billboard Advertising

  • Ad space: Depending on the location, finding a good time slot to run your ads on LED billboards could be challenging. 


As you can see, LED billboards are more effective and cost-friendly than print billboards. They also help you tap into the visualization memory and increase your conversions. However, you must pick the right time slot to drive a higher ROI. So, what are you waiting for? Start running your LED billboard advertisements today!

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