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5 Things to do to Protect your Car Paint Keep it Shiny

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Protect your Car Paint

5 Things to do to Protect your Car Paint Keep it Shiny. Let’s face it, we love our cars! They are like family. One reason is that we might have bought it with all our life savings or it is our favorite car. Another reason could be that your parents bought it for you. No matter what the reason is, cars are an important part of our life. That is why we need to protect it. While we do everything to keep it clean and in top shape, there is one thing that we all face.

That problem is car paint. Even if it is a brand new car, over the years, the paint will start to come off or lose its shine. And later you might need car paint protection and restoration services which will cost you a lot. In this post, We will tell you about what you can do to prevent it from happening. Also, prefer MOT in Warrington that will ensure that your vehicle meets environmental and road safety standards.

Car Wash

Another way to ensure that the paint lasts longer & shiny is by washing it regularly. Use a car shampoo to ensure that it is cleaned thoroughly. Wash the entire exterior, including the tires as well. Do not use household detergent to clean the car. Only use car-related items. Make sure to dry the car after washing it. If you do not dry it, water spots will damage the paint.

Car Cover

There is no rocket science here. It is also the simplest and most effective way of protecting the paint. Once you park your car for the night, put a cover on it. Even if you park inside a closed garage, it is advisable to put on a car cover. It will protect the paint from outside residue which can damage the car paint. Even simple dust can damage the paint. Over the years, you might need a new paint job.

Paint Protection Films

While the covers are quite inexpensive, this option can cost you a little money. However, the films last for almost 5 years! If you ask us, that is a pretty good investment. The paint protection film is just a clear film that is applied to the car (external body only). If you are facing budget problems, you can apply the film on selective body parts like the front and rear bumper. This film protects the paint from outside damage and also gives an extra shine to the car.


This is one of the best and most common ways of keeping your car shiny. A good wax job easily lasts more than 6 months. Therefore, put your energy into it. You can also get the car waxed from the service center. Wax protects the paint from contaminants and is also a perfect way of reducing the scratches on your car.

Clay Bar

Once you are done waxing your car, it is time to apply the clay bar. It is nothing expensive and can be easily bought from a car service center. Therefore, once you are done applying the wax, run the clay bar across the body. It will remove any hidden contaminants from the paint. Usually, these contaminants are so small that they are not visible to the hidden eye.

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