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Providing fast and effective wire rope lubricators

by John Milton

The Wire Rope Lubricators clean and lubricate wire ropes fast, efficiently, and safely. The Viper WRL offers the same great wire rope lubrication performance as the original Viper, but with the added benefit of a 32 percent lighter collar and a specially made high flow grease pump. Wire ropes with a diameter of 6mm to 67mm may be lubricated quickly and effectively. The Viper Mid MKII can lubricate ropes at a rate of up to 2000 meters per hour.

The Viper WRL was designed with environmental and safety in mind. The Viper WRL provides a multitude of health, safety, and environmental benefits when used appropriately

●  There is no contamination since every gram of grease is applied to the rope.

●  Wharf Cranes are a type of crane that may be seen on the water

●  Cranes for Ships

●  Cables for ROVs

●  Mine Winders are people who work in mines.

●  Cranes on Wheels

●  Platforms for oil and gas

●  Ropes for anchoring

●  Winches for Decks

●  Cranes in the sky

●  Loaders for ships

By pumping lubricant into the center of the rope, the Viper Wire Rope Lubricator delivers grease penetration, moisture displacement, and comprehensive covering.


The Viper MKII Wire Cable Lubricator series cleans and lubricates wire ropes quickly and effectively. Wire ropes with diameters ranging from 6mm (1/4″) to 67mm (2-5/8″) may be lubricated automatically at rates of up to 2,000mt per hour.

The Viper MKII is 32 percent lighter thanks to the redesigned cast aluminum collar, which, when paired with the unique integrated carry handles and shoulder strap, allows for single-person wire rope maintenance. The Viper MKII reduces the HS&E hazards associated with manual lubrication on all towing lines, cranes, and mooring lines. By pumping wire rope lubricant under pressure into the wire rope, the Viper MKII improves wire rope lubrication.

Other lubricators simply coat the ropes’ surfaces, but the Viper wire rope lubricator’s unique seal design allows for up to an 80 percent longer “wire dwell time” in the pressure chamber. Because of the longer dwell time, more lubricant penetrates the rope, resulting in longer rope life and longer relubrication intervals.

Conclusion:- Years of field experience have demonstrated that the correct lubricants paired with the right application procedure may extend the life of wire ropes. Organizations that have realized the need for proper wire rope lubrication and followed recommended procedures have gained a considerable competitive advantage by increasing wire rope life, lowering replacement costs, and improving safety. Type of operation, care, and climate are all factors that affect wire rope life and performance. Two difficulties that must be addressed are wear and corrosion. Wear is increased by stress-loading, jerking loads, heavy, shock-loading, and fast speed or slowdown (speed of the cable stopping and starting). Corrosion is increased by high temperatures and is caused by fumes, salt brines, acids, gases, sulfur, salt. air, and humidity. Regardless of the source, the correct type and quantity of lubricant will preserve the wire rope against deterioration.

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