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PUBG Mobile: How To become a Pro | Complete Guide

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PUBG Mobile: How To become a pro,

Want to be a PUBG pro? Follow these Steps. Many people think that to be a PRO player in PUBG Mobile, they need to have superior fighting skills along with vast tactical experience in the game, but didn’t you know that PRO players just need to pay attention to the smallest things in the game and follow these tips exactly, to do this is not complicated at all, the opposite is very simple – PUBG Pro Tips. Further, do you know which players are best in the PUBG Mobile game? Here is the list of the top 5 pubg players in Pakistan.

You remember to apply exactly every time in the game, summarized the following simple tips to remember and do when playing PUBG Mobile, follow the tips to become PUBG Pro.

PUBG Mobile: Recap of simple tips to become a pro in the game

1. Note when checking the house with the stairs

PUBG Mobile: How To become a pro

This is extremely dangerous when you squeeze into the buildings above, you cannot know what is waiting for you upstairs because if there are any enemies, they will hear your footsteps downstairs. and I’ll be standing upstairs waiting. And the enemy will get a full advantage by standing on the stairs and attacking down.

Experience for you is when you walk into the house, you should check out all areas downstairs. If they show signs of looting, chances are the enemy is still on the floor, and just waiting for your face to show up is “euphoric“, you should pack some pomegranate grenades if you suspect someone The enemy is still on the floor waiting for you. Just throw it, the enemy will be temporarily blind and then rush to run to give them copper candy.

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2. Always have a helmet and armor

PUBG Mobile: How To become a pro

This is mandatory, although in the game you will not always earn level 3 armor and hats as soon as you advance on the map, collect all the armor or hats you find, rather than choosing them. Keep going, because no matter how cool your unprotected weapons and accessories are when you meet the enemy you will die very quickly.

They just need an SMG and put some on your head and you’re already dead. So don’t forget to equip yourself with protective gear and most importantly, you should replace a nearly broken LV3 hat. with an original LV1 hat, because at that time it was better protected than the LV3 hat.

3. Use the appropriate blindfold for the situation

PUBG Mobile: How To become a pro

This recovery item is less favored by players and put in the backpack, however, if you can’t find the first aid kit or medkit, you should use a Bandage and also if you already have two recovery items. If you get to the top quickly, you should keep some bandage.

Because in case you just fought and lost a small amount of health while the enemy is no longer around, you should use the bandage to save the first aid kit and the medical kit, although the bandage costs time in this case, you should use it.

4. Take advantage of the third perspective

PUBG Mobile: How To become a pro

Probably this is not that many players know how to take advantage of observing every corner of the surrounding environment, in this third perspective, you will have incredible advantages when you are in a corner of the house, turning the view in all directions to see if there are enemies moving outside.

Or stand on a tree or rock and roll the mouse to the sides to monitor the enemy without fear of exposure and don’t forget that the enemy can also use this perk to spy on you.

5. Don’t be in a hurry when destroying enemies

PUBG Mobile: How To become a pro

In Duo or Squad mode, you will not kill the enemy as in Solo mode, they will be shot down and wait for teammates to come to the rescue, now don’t rush to kill the enemy, if you have Scope, just stay there and wait and see if any teammates team comes to save them or not.

If so, let their mates come up and kill the rest of the team, just notice that the bull’s direction is shot down and look in that direction to track down the other, as they are usually going to the nearest team for help, but if they crawl into cover, kill him.

6. Dominate when using the upper floor to camp

PUBG Mobile: How To become a pro


If you’re upstairs, you should use an AR with Scope X4 poured out to the camp, accompanied by a shotgun for enemies invading the house. Also, when you are upstairs, standing in the corner you can more generally observe the situation outside.

The experience for you is not that of camping in a house that is surrounded by hills and mountains, where the enemy can observe every place you are on the 2nd floor and you do not know the enemy is standing on the wall and looking in low, If you find yourself in such a situation, chances are you will be short of blood without knowing where it is.

7. Use the appropriate weapons for the situation

PUBG Mobile: How To become a pro

This is probably just new players won’t know, if you are in a building, the shotgun or SMG is the best, and if you are on the go, the assault rifle will be the choice. up high, and if long-range, there’s nothing like the sniper rifle, but with this mobile version of PUBG, the AKM will be suitable when fighting outdoors and long-range attacks.

8. Take advantage of the autorun mode

Take advantage of the autorun mode

If you find it forever without any means of transport, you should use your “two-legged” vehicle to move, the auto racing mode will help you move quickly without too many operations, just drag the Joystick button together to activate this mode. While running you can look around, if you encounter an enemy attack, try jumping or moving in a zig zac style to make it difficult for the enemy.

9. Don’t rush to kill ranged targets

PUBG Mobile: How To become a pro

Many players when using the long-range assault rifle will not keep calm but will keep aiming and releasing projectiles continuously at distant enemies, at this moment the enemy will detect that you are aiming at you while you are moving, they will use any means to move quickly in the hiding place and you will keep firing projectiles “fan” continuously and you will hope that the projectile will hit the target.

Not a good plan, right now, you should calculate and adjust the center of the gun exactly on the target, choose the single-shot mode (one by one) and adjust the focus according to their movement to declare fire. Of course, you will defeat the enemy after 4-5 hits.

10. Do not use the vehicle as a cover or cover

Do not use the vehicle as a cover or cover

You are moving and attacking, forcing yourself to get out of the car and find a hiding place, don’t hide behind the car, it’s not safe at all when the enemy can shoot continuously. car, it will explode and your transfer to the lobby is inevitable, not to mention every car in PUBG Mobile not fully protected for you. The enemy will use it to attack you to death.

11. Shoot the tires

Shoot the trees

This tip is a bit difficult, if you have good aiming skill with Scope, use this method, when you detect an enemy driving through your sight, hit the rubber, and shoot it. The car will slow down and it will be easier to kill now than the enemy sitting inside it.

If you are unsure, shoot the enemy who is driving, because if you don’t hit the rubber, the bullets will stab the car body. And the enemy will know they are being attacked, if it is a team, they will get off the car. find friends, and if there is only one they will run away in the style of “drunk driving” to avoid being hit by the car.

12. Move wisely and avoid the bombing area


Migration is one of the important factors contributing to the player’s final victory. However, if you want to play PUBG Mobile well, you must also avoid the bombing zone (marked with a red circle), also known as the Red Zone-PUBG Pro Tips

After a certain period of time and in a certain area, a small red circle will appear, marking the bombing area. If you are in this area, it is best to find a house to hide and wait for the time to pass. And if he doesn’t find a way to leave quickly so as not to be unjustly dead.

Above are some simple tips to help you win one of the best in PUBG Mobile, be sure to grasp these simple tips and you will see its effect when applied to the right situation in the game. You will surely win TOP 1 very easily.




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