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PUBG Trending| Pakistani Teenager Disturbed His Life

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PUBG Trending- Pakistani Teenager Jimmy Khan Disturbed His Life

PUBG Trending- Pakistani Teenager Disturbed His Life:While the world says that change is the most steady thing on the planet. However with regards to video games, the pattern never appears to wear out. Individuals everywhere throughout the world, spend a tremendous piece of their lives playing distinctive computer games, which appears to develop with innovation.

The most recent pattern in the realm of computer games is a game called PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) which has overwhelmed the globe. It began as a game on PC run through the Steam programming and is currently accessible for nothing both on Android and iOS gadgets. Its furor is inconceivable just as verifiable. The adolescent’s peculiar fixation on PUBG influences them unfavorably. Therapists state that savagery in the game can make individuals forceful, in actuality.

Today we are discussing about a teenager boy in Mianwali, Pakistan who has disturbed his life by playing PUBG.
Jimmy Khan, a Pakistani teenager boy, plays PUBG game on smart phone. When he engages himself in this pathetic activity then he loses his interest in every activity of his normal life.


Jimmy Khan starts to play PUBG from morning till late at night. When whole world is enjoying his deep and sweet sleep he continuous to pound his head with nothing.

Jimmy indeed, is the best player of volleyball and also a good person but he left volleyball when he started PUBG. His parents and friends are worried about him and they are trying their best to council him. But Jimmy has gone far beyond the edge.

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jeffery steven stone August 26, 2020 - 10:40 am

very sad

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