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Qualities of Solid Surface Worktops

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Introduction to Solid Surface worktops

Solid Surface worktops have been around for ages and were considered the most beautiful worktops available but the introduction to stones like marble and granite took over its popularity. Solid Surface worktops are known for their simple looks that give your house a clean look. They are also very durable making them ideal for a kitchen. Solid Surface worktops have many advantages that helped t stay at the top for such a long period. These worktops might not be as beautiful as granite and marble worktops but are still known for their looks. 

Qualities of Solid Surface worktops

We will talk about few qualities of Solid surface worktops so you have a brief idea of why Solid surface worktops were the top pick for years.


Solid Surface worktops are known for their durability. They also are impact resistant so you won’t have to worry about damaging the worktop. These worktops are very strong and are ideal for kitchens. Solid surface worktops are designed to last many years however granite and marble worktops are more durable compared to solid surfaces.


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Seams are a common issue in marble and granite worktops, However, Solid surfaces don’t have seams as custom fabrication is used to give the worktop a seamless look. This helps make the worktop look even more beautiful and clean also giving your house or kitchen a simple clean look.

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Easy Care

It is very easy to clean and maintain Solid Surface worktops as all you need is clean cloth water and soap. Cleaning Solid Surface worktops can’t be easier and the cleaning process requires little to no effort. The non-porous quality of the worktop helps prevent the scratches making the worktop scratch-resistant and because of it being non-porous it can be said that the worktop comes with a lifetime of easy maintenance.

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If your worktop is damaged and has chips and scratches on it you won’t have to worry about them as Solid surface worktops are restorable and the damage can be buffed away giving the worktop a fresh new look giving it a longer lifespan. You won’t have to worry about the damage on your worktop as it is easy to restore the damage giving it a brand-new appearance.

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When it comes to customization there is no doubt that Solid surface worktops have the most customization options available giving the customers a large variety of designs and colors to choose from. There are more than a hundred color options available to choose from so you have to worry about finding a color to suit your kitchen. Along with the colors, there are many different designs to choose from to compliment your kitchen. Solid surface worktops have endless customizations which is why Solid surface worktops stayed on top for so many years. Even Granite and marble worktops don’t have this many customizations. Solid surface worktops can be shaped and are very flexible and can be bent into any shape so you won’t have to worry about finding a worktop that fits your kitchen.

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