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Reasons to Buy a Waterproof Handlebar Bag

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Reasons to Buy a Waterproof Handlebar Bag

Choosing the right waterproof handlebar bag is important for your touring needs. This type of bag can be attached to the handlebar of your motorbike so that you do not have to carry a heavy case around with you. The bag will help protect your bike while you are traveling and is relatively lightweight for storage. Most of these bags come with a telescoping handle so that it does not take up much space when not being used. 

Here are some of the basic dimensions for these types of bags:

Overall dimension 

The overall length and width of the waterproof handlebar bag must be at least 15 inches longer than the handlebars of your bike. The length must be at least three-quarters of the distance from the handlebars to the bottom of the bike. The width must be at least fifteen inches but no less than twenty-five inches. In addition, there should be at least six inches between the handlebars and the bottom of the bag. All of these measurements are for the full bag and not just the handles or straps.


Many companies make waterproof handlebar bags that are constructed from high-quality leather. Other bags are made from vinyl and other materials. The leather ones are the most expensive because they are usually made from top-grade hide and skin. If you plan on using the bag for a long time, then this would be the best choice as the material will last longer and will retain its appearance for years to come.


What can the waterproof handlebar bag do for you? Well, if you are a bike rider you probably already know that you need a waterproof bar bag because you will want to lock your bike in a garage when it is not in use. These bags are a great way to transport your motorcycle in a truck or SUV, and they are also a great way to transport your motorcycle when riding in a forest or mountainous trail. They also make an excellent way to carry other equipment like your sleeping gear and picnic baskets.

Some waterproof bags can be rather heavy and large so they might not be the best choice for small kids who are not ready to carry a lot of items on their back. This makes a children’s waterproof handlebar bag a very good option as well. The handlebars of children’s bikes tend to be a bit smaller than adults’ handlebars. The handles are usually shorter as well. Many of these bags are also designed with smaller zippers so adults won’t have to deal with pinching the zipper in their clothes.


Another big consideration when buying a waterproof handlebar bag is the price. Most people like to buy items that have the lowest price possible, but there are times when you have to spend more money for something that you really want. You shouldn’t necessarily compare price when it comes to buying a new bike handlebar bag. Instead, think about what your budget is, and then look for the most durable and quality bag at the same price that you want to pay.


If you’re going for a fully waterproof experience, you’ll want to look for leather or nylon materials. You can also find bags with other materials, but many people prefer leather for its waterproofing properties. A fully waterproof bag will definitely be larger than a typical motorcycle bag, so know the dimensions of your bike before shopping. Check out the extra features that you would like such as plenty of pockets or compartments, zippers with Velcro backing, and more. If you can find a bag that has all of these characteristics, you will definitely get a great deal.


A good handlebar bag will be made from a hard durable material that stands up against years of constant use. You should check out the dimensions of the bag so you know what kind of durability you are getting before making a purchase. The best waterproof bags have durable nylon straps and heavy-duty webbing for a solid hold while in use. These bags are usually sold in large quantities because they are so popular among bikers.

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