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RISE with SAP: Architecture

by John Milton
RISE with SAP Architecture

The architecture of RISE with SAP can seem pretty confusing and convoluted at very first glance. Hence, through this article, we’ll try to entangle it in simple language. And we’ll be discussing how it can benefit your organizational efficacy as well.

So, let’s not make any further ado and get started with our article right away.

Looking At the Salient Architecture of RISE with SAP

The core of architecture of RISE with SAP usually comprises five different pillars. Each of them is a bit different from the others. So, it’s best if you go through this section thoroughly.

Pillar – 1: Encryption and Data Security.

Like any other advanced technological marvel, SAP, too, uses the coveted 256-Bit algorithm to encrypt everything. So, if you want to break it down, you’ll need to use the AES-256-CBC as the core safe RWS encryption. And that’s not the end of it, though.

In addition to these, the root keys for logs, data, backups, and applications are kept as well as protected in the Secure Store File System (SSFS). And, the HTTP traffic that’s coming to the website will be protected from prying eyes by the AES-256-GCM.

Pillar – 2: Tenant-Managed Private Ecosystem.

SAP, unlike anyone else, curates a brand new and individualized account for each and every consumer. Hence, whether you are coming from something convoluted as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, you have to create a single account here only.

In this aspect, you’ll need to know about two different areas as a whole –

  • Security by Default (the security subject in-built into the SAP ecosystem).
  • Security by Design (the security system that prompts a subject whenever you perform a task on the RISE with SAP environment).

These two systems create the bedrock of the multi-level architecture of RISE with SAP. Thus, it’ll be best if you gather more information about them before doing anything else.

Pillar – 3: Back-Up And Application Security.

Every data transiting from a RISE with SAP ecosystem tends to get encrypted through SLAs. Hence, it’ll be impossible for you to gain any access to the backend infrastructure, as they’re going to be protected thoroughly. And, here’s another thing.

The outbound communication of the system is restricted and controlled through the restricted access list almost all the time. And there’s yet another multi-level authentication supporting procedure found here. So, that’s another layer of security you have to worry about.

Finally, the cloud solutions available in the system are implemented through the SAP Cloud Connector. So, it cannot be accessed by anyone without the required authorization.

Pillar – 4: Operational Control And Security.

Whether it’s the aspect of securing or hardening an operation formula or the subject of Patch Management, RWS will be protected by ECS (Enterprise Cloud Services). Besides whatever we have mentioned here, it also prevents any kind of security issue related to the database.

Apart from these, there’s also an automatic alert process available here that’ll notify you if it has found some sort of anomaly. And the security system of RWS audits 24×7. So, there’s no need to worry about your database’s or network’s core security.

Pillar – 5: Access Points And Network Security.

Almost every network access available in RISE with SAP is preceded and protected through the formation of a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud). It’s usually created each time you or another person creates a new account or subscribes to something.

The network traffic, on the other hand, tends to get encrypted through a VPN tunnel. Hence, if you don’t have the approval of an access manager, you can’t open anything here. Besides, the request also has to go through a designated authority.

Or else the network section will not be logged or validated by the system.

RWS – Should You Really Opt For It?

Oh yes, it most certainly is. And, if you are an owner of a vast corporation experiencing a lot of trouble in managing data, RWS adoption will be a must for you.

Please keep reading to know more about it.

Benefit – 1: It Can Save Your Time.

When it comes to digital transformation, making a proper movement in the market is a place where most organizations have trouble.

But, with the adoption of RWS, you can boost your organizational agility and traction pretty efficiently. Therefore, if you can implement the procedures efficiently, it’ll be easier for you to complete your projects on time. And that’s not all.

With RISE with SAP, you can also integrate automation into your system. It can help you with completing the repetitive and tedious tasks of your business efficiently and save you time.

Benefit – 2: Decreased Complexity.

Although it might not seem simple at the beginning, the proceedings related to RWS can get increasingly easier later on. And, if you keep working on this aspect, it’ll be even easier to get a hold of everything else accordingly.

Besides, if you can implement and integrate each and every SAP product available within your core infrastructure, you can use them all at once. Also, with the “One Subscription” and “One Contract” models, you’ll be able to streamline your approach even more.

Benefit – 3: One Partner, One Solution.

Whether you want some help regarding the technical aspect of SAP or the issue of managing the infrastructure, your PoC (point of contact) will be a single vendor or individual.

Everything, including the support and software-related stuff, will flow through a single person only. Therefore, this, in turn, will reduce various redundancies and promote a higher level of communication throughout the whole transformation process.

The Final Say

So, what do you think? Do you want to use RISE with SAP and integrate the same into the core business model of your organization?

Well, no matter what your decision is, don’t forget to let us know all about it in the comment section below. We’ll try our best to help you make the right decision regarding the same.

Or, you can also work with a consultation-providing organization for the same. They’re going to be a bit more knowledgeable in that sense and offer more information for you.

So, that’ll be all for this one. See you in our next blog.

Have a good day!

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