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Royal Couple Decided To Quit From Royal Duties

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Royal Couple Decided To Quit From Royal Duties

Royal couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is a reason for crises in royal family. According to native newspaper they have decided to quit from royal duties and responsibilities. It might be due to a documentary that will disclose royal secrets.

And this documentary is expected to lid off a number of royal secrets about which the lovers of royal family don’t know. It will be surprise for their fans. And that would be chance for them to look closely to their relation.

The title of this feature documentary is inside the crown secrets of the royals. It will offer a number of mysteries about royal family and through historian’s eyewitnesses and royal insiders the secrets of royal marriage will be exposed metro .co.uk reported.

They will no longer use the titles royal highness.  And will not receive the public  funds for their work. According to royal sources they wanted to reduce the royal duties and spend more time in north America while also  becoming financially strong.

This public announcement caught the rest of royal family by surprise and left the queen and other Windsor hurt and upset. Later a friend of harry said that the couple felt that they had been dispelled.

So the couple’s desire to separate from the rest of family had been subject of media guesswork for months.


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