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Scrum Project Management: Pros and Cons

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Scrum project management

Scrum is Agile, but Agile is not Scrum! Don’t mistake the meanings of both. Agile development emphasizes more on flexibility, collaboration, and improvement, to get desired inferences by sticking to the Agile Manifesto and using a project management framework to execute.

Here Scrum comes into the picture, and Scrum is a framework that gives end users constructive feedback to deliver high-quality products. Scrum has five pillars of values that are adhered throughout the project activity. Scrum is not exclusive to developers but to teams and adaptive individuals who thrive on delivery structure. If you are a project manager, then you should focus on being certified as a scrum master(CSM Certification) along with PMP & six sigma, nowadays hands-on experience on software development methodologies such as Agile, RUP, Iterative, Spiral is a must-have to be a right fit to any company.

Whereas a scrum team consists of three parties, which include a product owner, development team, and a scrum master. Their roles are cross-functional, designed to improve productivity and creativity. Scrum has now emerged as a versatile set of tools that enables a scrum master to oversee projects of unrelated industries simultaneously with ease and efficiencies.

The Pros 

Scrum has numerous benefits for every degree of the person involved in the project, be it, stakeholders, or workers. Firstly, Mammoth projects are divided into smaller parts, making the project easier to manage and control. This helps in the review and testing of projects during genesis. This gives a bright outlook on how much effort each individual put towards the project.

Team members know what they have to do, and any query can be immediately sorted in the next sprint. Scrum methodologies also involve customers, and their backers can be integrated during the process, which makes the outcome desired and process smooth and less prone to future changes.

It offers maximum flexibility to change the development at any given stage. It provides high transparency for the client to trace the process and measure individual productivity because it’s a lightweight method that progresses through regular meetings and updates.

Its budget-friendly solution which makes quick and cheap results. Scrum methodologies make a business successful where documentation is hard to make, like the Amazon, which has adapted Scrum in several projects, from operations to logistics. You can write a book or novel using Scrum. Projects under several programming areas such as pastoral care, children and youth, social justice, music, venture capitals, fundraising membership development can be managed using Scrum!

The Cons

Scrum sprints slow you down, the backlogs lead to lousy product decisions, and it also creates an interrogative atmosphere. In a nutshell, it adds unnecessary overheads and encourages the anti-patterns of the project manager. There is no single universal way for practicing Scrum; everyone has their bubble shaped by their understanding; hence initially, communication will be complicated. Still, gradually, these conflicts are resolved; you cannot do Scrum by the book.

You cannot get onboard rookies and demand qualitative sprint, and it can wrench the whole project even if you are with a seasoned consultant.

It would help if you thought it holistically; every member of the team should be well coordinated with each other, and there should be no shortcomings in understanding. So losing a team member can be detrimental to the side and their projects.

Final words

No system is perfect & as adaptive as Scrum is, it cannot cover all the situations. It also lacks the human element. Above all, Scrum is dependent on having consultants who are competent, dedicated, and have resolved all their issues as a team.

Whereas individualistically speaking, there are immense advantages attached when you are certified as a Scrum master. It makes you liquid and marketable in the organization.

Gradually Scrum is taking over every other framework in project management because of its versatility. Having this in your bucket will be a significant career advancer. It adds to your leadership turf because projects succeed or fail to base on your leadership and management. Scrum is just another tool, and sometimes it isn’t right, so deciding which framework to choose also falls on your part, and you, as a leader or a team, are expected to give always the best from your side.

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