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Search Engine Optimization Fundamental in Digital Marketing

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Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals

In this article, I will explain Search Engine Optimization, its fundamentals, some basic requirements, and how do we do SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of bringing a website or blog to the top of the search engines according to search engine guidelines with specific keywords for your website’s products or services.

This is the main purpose of SEO. SEO is a very important factor for any company. If a company does not do SEO for its website, then it will not stay in the search results. And this is very difficult for him to do his business online.

Why we need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most professionals don’t pay much attention to SEO, they rely on Google AdWords. According to him, Google AdWords does not care about SEO. They think, just invest in Google AdWords and get results.

This is okay, but we see some reasons that why should we do SEO:

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  • More than 90 percent of users search for information through search engines
  • 75 percent of users click on organic results
    (it means that when someone searches through search engines, then first two, three, or four will be ad results. But naturally, people click on organic results which are shown just beneath the ad results. The reason is that, most of the users use an ad blocker to their browsers.)
  • Helps to increase the Authority of the Business in the market
    (When your website is shown at the top, users will think that it is the best company with top results.)
  • Generate a lot of free traffic to your website/blog
  • SEO helps to create sales and leads to the product


These are the major factors, that’s why we do SEO. Some people say that SEO is over, and they have written many articles on it but, still, users prefer SEO for the organic result.

However, SEO is difficult but not impossible. Usually, it takes three months and you will get results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) components

Search Engine Optimization

So when you open some videos on SEO, they just say to start SEO, but they don’t tell you the fundamentals of SEO.

Now think about how you can do perfect SEO before you learn the basics.

So let me show you some basic components of each search engine.

Now compare search engine and book library. Search engine technology is based on book library techniques.

Crawler (Spider, Robot, Bot)

The main purpose of the crawler is to collect all the websites, their articles, contents on the internet and store them in Google’s temporary database server.

When you develop a new website, then you can submit your website to Google Webmaster or you can share your website on Facebook or Twitter. Google will automatically crawl your website.

Google doesn’t crawl all of your websites. Sometimes it omits pages or articles that are irrelevant or not valuable.

This means that when you update your website then Google automatically crawls your website after a few minutes. WordPress websites crawl faster than static websites.

This crawling process runs 24 hours.


When the crawler collects data and stores it on a temporary database server, the indexer separates all the crawled data, classifies them, and stores them in specific sections of the database.

So let me explain with a library example:

If you want to make a library at home, first of all, you will bring all kinds of books from the market to your home. This is the crawl process.

Now you have to make different cells, categorize them, and keep all the books according to the categories to find books easily. This process is Indexer.

Similarly, Google indexes all websites and data so that when someone searches for any content by keyword they can find their content.

Here is the query to find the indexed pages and content of any website:


The indexer deletes malware content, duplicate content, and unnecessary data automatically.

Google has more than 100,000,000 GBs of size which stores the data.


Algorithms are the programs that help the search engine to retrieve the relevant data from the databases.

Google has many types of algorithms like spell check algorithm, autosuggestion (when you type some keywords and Google display the list of suggestions). Some basic algorithms are:

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  • Page rank
  • Spelling check
  • Synonym check
  • Autocomplete
  • Safe search
  • Query understanding
  • User context
  • Malware detection


Google’s first algorithm and the most important algorithm is Page Rank.

However, a website receives links or citations from other websites, the Google algorithm determines that, if the website is receiving quality backlinks from other websites, the website should be ranked faster. And if the website is receiving low backlinks then that website should rank slowly.

The default page rank for any website is 0.15 internally. You can check your website page rank by MozToolbar.

[su_box title=”Useful link” box_color=”#eef0e8″ title_color=”#43c023″ radius=”1″ id=”https://neilpatel.com/blog/the-ultimate-google-algorithm-cheat-sheet/”]

If you want to know all Google algorithms, then click the link below:

The Ultimate Google Algorithms 2020


Spam Fighting Algorithms

SEO is broadly divided into three aspects:

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  • White-hat SEO
  • Black-hat SEO


White-hat SEO: In simple words, people who do SEO according to Google’s policies and guidelines.

Black-hat SEO: Some professionals do SEO and use unethical methods that violate Google’s algorithms and policies and get ranking.

Therefore, the websites that do SEO and break Google’s policies are called spam websites.

When someone develops these spam techniques, then Google’s goal is to fight these spam techniques. That’s why Google often releases updates called “algorithm updates.”

Usually, Google changes its basic algorithm programs to fight spam techniques. Google makes 500-600 changes to its search algorithm each year.

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 Digital Marketing Strategies in 2020



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