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Serverwala: Get High-Speed Network With Dedicated Server in the USA

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Serverwala: Get High-Speed Network With Dedicated Server in the USA

If you are already running your online business or want to start a new one, speed matters a lot in both, regardless of whether it’s a web page loading speed or a network speed. You’ll also have an idea about it because you also visited any site and took too much time to load for poor performance and poor internet connection. What will you do? Switch the hosting or hop to your competitor’s sites. This will affect your visitor’s rations, results in losing customers and significant business loss. Therefore, you need a reliable and high-performing web hosting platform to avoid this situation for your business. For that, no choice is much better than a Dedicated Server USA Hosting because it gives you an independent hosting environment, powerful resources, optimized hosting, seamless performance, the use of coaxial cables, and much more.

So, if you want to know how the US dedicated server boosts your site network speed and gives you optimal performance, this guide is for you. Let’s get started!

Know About Dedicated Server USA

A Dedicated Server USA is a powerful web hosting that is basically used to host small to large scale websites. This is because the Dedicated Server is only the hosting that gives you devoted resources that solely belong to you. No other user can access them. You will get your own webspace, Random Access Memory, Storage space, CPU, bandwidth, and much more in your package of resources. All these resources are highly compelling resources that boost your site speed and provide you optimal performance. So, you can seamlessly run your site.

Further, you have two choices to go with the US Dedicated Servers: Managed Dedicated Hosting and Unmanaged Hosting. Managed Hosting is basically referred to users who do not have budget issues, whereas unmanaged is the best option for users with strong technical skills and budget constraints.

Benefits of Using a US Dedicated Server For Business Website?

Benefits of Using a US Dedicated Server For Business Website

A Dedicated Server in USA offers you more power and a robust set of dedicated resources. Further, you can count on when you look for the more reliable, scalable, flexible, and easily customizable hosting package. It helps your online business run with blazing fast speed and better customer satisfaction to your users. However, it renders the top-level benefits with their Dedicated Server USA Hosting. Some of them are listed below:

#1. Exclusive Use of Dedicated Resources

A USa based Dedicated Server allows you to use all the high levels of dedicated resources for your site, including the Disk Space, RAM, memory, CPU usage, bandwidth, and much more. Additionally, you’ll be given complete root-level access to your server and free to choose the control panel, operating system, hardware choices for your server. So, you can manage and operate it according to your site requirements.

#2. Flexibility of Managing the Growing Business Needs

The growing needs of your business can be accomplished by the US Dedicated Server. You can do server configurations, install custom applications, modify the existing resources, and much with your server. You can have the high flexibility to customize and scale your resources. When you require more resources like storage, bandwidth, RAM, etc. But nowadays, customers and businesses expect much more with hosting. However, you get a fast page loading speed and a better end-user experience with the Dedicated Server USA hosting.

#3. Improved Reliability and Performance

One of the most crucial benefits of choosing Reliability and Performance is improved reliability and peak performance that you will only get with Dedicated Server Hosting in USA. However, server crashes and data breaches are less likely to happen with your site because of high reliability. Also, with peak performance, it’s easy to handle the high traffic for your site.

#4. Security through Data Separation

The Best Dedicated Server in USA ensures your site data’s high security because the server is only accessible for your company. Also, you will get the heightened security measures that are a part of dedicated hosting infrastructure. So, you get the DDoS protection and advanced encryption standard security against malware, hacking and DDoS attacks. You can further free to install the custom security software that ensures more data protection of your site.

#5. No capital or Upfront Charges

When your business starts growing, you need to work and look for the best possible ways to save your revenues. However, the charges may be higher for the in house services. So, you can go with the unmanaged plans and save your overall server costing.

Intro: Serverwala Cloud Data Center

Serverwala is an India-based Web hosting provider that was established in 2015. Today, the company ranks in the top 10 web hosting companies in the web hosting market. Serverwala was built with a motive to help businesses of every domain and different sectors with all its reliable features, world-class benefits, and exclusive services. They use the latest technologies-based software, and hardware for their servers, ensuring not even a single customer faces any barriers and difficulties while running their site. So, they have a strong customer base of over 10,000 potential users today. Furthermore, they have strong customer support. So, you’ll get 24*7 customers and technical support with instant troubleshoot services.

Severwala The Provider of Cheap Dedicated Server in USA

Serverwala offers various types of dedicated hosting plans, including managed and unmanaged, Windows and Linux Dedicated with an ample range of reliable features that are listed below:

Features of Using Serverwala USA Based Dedicated Server

Features of Using Serverwala USA Based Dedicated Server

-Choice of Control Panel:

Are you in fear of how to manage your server? Serverwala makes it easier for you by offering user-friendly and easy-to-use control panel options. So, you have a broad range of choices to make a selection, including cPanel, Plesk Panel, and WHM for easy and quick server management.

-Choice of Operating System:

You can select your choice of an operating system from an ample range of predefined operating systems. Serverwala offers the latest versions of CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Windows, and Fedora OS.

-Host Unlimited Websites:

You are free with serverwala Dedicated Server USA-based Hosting. You can host multiple numbers of sites or unlimited sites on your server.

-SSH Root Access:

You can have the complete administration via root accessibility to your USA Dedicated Server with Serverwala. So, you can enjoy the freedom of installing custom applications on your server with one click.

-High-Performance Guaranteed:

As you get the dedicated resources with your hosting package that completely belongs to you. However, you can ensure a high-performance guarantee for your site. This will automatically boost your site speed.

-Free Setup Without Any Contract:

You aren’t charged an additional amount for rendering your VPS Setup. Also, you can cancel the server at any time.


All the enterprise-grade level services you have with your Dedicated Server Hosting in USA are purchased from the powerful and top brands that ensure more reliability.


Security is the foremost needed factor for users who run online businesses. However, you will get powerful security measures with the Dedicated Server USA Hosting, including DDoS protection, Antiviruses, Firewalls, etc.

-100% Dedicated Resources:

As you never have to share your server resources with your neighboring sites, ensure 100% dedicated resources for your site.


You won’t get such flexibility of customization other than the Best Dedicated Server USA. So, you install and run custom applications within a customized hosting environment.

-Hardware Level Control:

With a Dedicated Server USA Hosting, you’ll get Hardware-level control over your server. So, you can access the server remotely.

Customer Reviews

Still in a dilemma to make a massive investment on Dedicated Server USA Hosting or not? Checkout the Serverwala reviews posted on the top brands by valuable customers.

Serverwala Dedicated Server User Review

Wind Up

Serverwala is one of the finest web-hosting providers that provide you with many web hosting services. Among them, the cheapest Dedicated Server USA Hosting is one of the most opted by the companies concerned about data security and business stability. This is because it provides you high level of resources, powerful services, exclusive benefits, and reliable features at an affordable price. Further, you won’t have to wait so long for the support response. They have the best team of experts that stay active 24*7 to give you on-premise support and troubleshoot services. So, buy the cheap Dedicated Server USA plans by Serverwala now and enjoy your hosting.

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