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Significance of skincare and skin treatments

by M Sakhawat
Significance of skincare and skin treatments

Proper care of skin helps to avoid ageing, wrinkles, acne and keep the skin glowing. Different skincare treatments are available and can fix the relevant problems of one’s skin. Australians are always concerned about their external appearance. So, they give priority to maintaining their skin and health. A therapy like a non surgical face lift reduces the sagging of skin and provides a youthful appearance. You can also use the best products for skin hair and nail vitamins. Other significant skin treatments are:

  • Chemical peel

It involves applying a solution on the skin where wrinkles and acne scars are present. The range of the chemical peel can be selected based on the severity of damaged skin. Rough skin and age spots are also eliminated in this therapy.

  • Dermabrasion

It is a surgical procedure carried out at the clinic with the participation of a trained doctor or a dermatologist. It requires more than one sitting to eliminate the entire skin problem. It may need anaesthesia, and the time of the treatment depends on the intensity of the affected portion of the skin. 

  • Laser hair removal

Laser treatment is best for both light and dark skin. It is safe for use on any part of the body. It works efficiently on the face. The strength of the laser depends on the skin type, thickness of hair and treatment location. Many dermatologists in Australia recommend this treatment for hair removal.

  • Dermal fillers

These are temporary treatments that last only for 18 months. It utilises the fat in one’s body to make fillers. The fillers are injected into the skin and soften the wrinkles. Taking injections will give fast and visible results. 

  • Microdermabrasion

The therapy fixes all the imperfections on the skin. It also helps to enlarge the pores, reducing facial lines and scars. The result depends on the number of treatments and the intensity of the skin damage.

  • Laser skin resurfacing 

It is one of the best remedies for uneven skin tone, age spots and wrinkles. After this treatment, the skin looks smoother and firmer. The result lasts for years.

  • Botox injections

Doctors inject a small amount of botox through a small needle into the facial muscles to reduce the wrinkles. The treatment only takes a few minutes, and the number of injections depends on the intensity of the scars. It does not need anaesthesia, and the results last for months.

  • Non surgical face lift

It takes only a few minutes to complete the treatment and lasts up to two years. And is the combination of thread lifts, dermal fillers, tear trough fillers, and anti-wrinkle injections. And these steps fix the various problems related to ageing skin. The treatable areas include the lower jaw, eyebrows, crows feet, etc.

 Skincare regimen at home

It is necessary to have some skincare products for maintaining your skin and preventing dryness, acne and wrinkles. All these are available in the nearest beauty stores and can be bought based on the skin type. For healthier skin one needs:

  • Cleanser: This is necessary to wash the face gently. For oily skin, one has to buy an oil-free cleanser and, those who have dry skin want to buy the item without alcohol content.
  • Toner: It is used for retaining the nutrient content of the skin. And it improves the smoothness and calms the dry skin. And it is significant to apply it after washing the face for diminishing the redness of the skin.
  • Moisturizer: It prevents drying of the skin and lets the skin stay hydrated. 
  • Sunscreen: It is necessary to apply sunscreen while going out. And this prevents sun exposure and the harmful effects of the UV rays on the skin. The UV exposure may cause skin cancer, wrinkles and ageing. 
  • Serum: Applying serum reduces skin redness and improves skin texture.
  • Exfoliation: It helps to remove the dead skin and improves skin smoothness.

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