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Sir Walter grass is preferred by Australian gardeners for six reasons

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Sir Walter grass

If you’re a serious gardener or simply want to improve the appearance of your lawn, you’ll need to know which grass kind is best. Different types are better suited to different environments, but there is one Sir Walter grass that can be relied on practically anyplace in Australia. Sir Walter Soft Leaf is a hardy and attractive Buffalo turf cultivar that stands out for its vibrant color and durability. There are six reasons why Australian gardeners choose Buffalo Turf Australia over other species of grass, according to Active Turf.

1. Nationally well-liked:- Sir Walter Soft Leaf was created to thrive in Australia’s diverse climate, growing as well in full sun as it does in shadow and surviving harsh extremes such as heat, drought, and cold.

Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo’s roots go deep into the subsoil in search of moisture. This tenacious habit contributes to the long-term health and durability of your grass, as well as its potential to drastically chill the region around your home by several degrees throughout the summer.

2. All-year-round convenience and nice looks:- Sir Walter is well-known for its low-maintenance nature. It requires less mowing than other turf species and is damp, fungal, and pest resistant.

Because it holds its color better than other buffalo kinds through winter and recovers from temperature extremes, wherever you reside in Australia, your Sir Walter Soft Leaf lawn will look healthy and appealing year-round with no maintenance.

3. Weeds and bindii are repelled:- In the summer, you can walk around your Active Turf Sir Walter Buffalo grass barefoot.

This is the lawn to choose if you want a lawn free of prickles. Bindii and other weeds are unable to germinate due to their compact growth style. This means you’ll spend less time prepping your grass for the summer months.

4. You won’t get sick or spread disease if you use this:- Sir Walter turf has been engineered to be resistant to insect infestation and fungal viruses, reducing the need for herbicides. Sir Walter grass will not infest your surrounding landscape because it is less likely to become sick.

Sir Walter Buffalo turf is more environmentally friendly than other grasses since it uses less fertilizer, saving you money and time.

5. Allergies are avoided:- Sir Walter Buffalo lawn is an excellent choice for weathering extreme seasonal fluctuations. It grows a soft surface that is suitable for pets and children to play on. If you suffer from allergies, you’ll be relieved to learn that this grass produces very few allergens and so minimizes your chances of getting hay fever or a cold.

6. Self-repairing:- This hardy turf will withstand animal wear and tear as well as any other damaging elements. Sir Walter Buffalo heals rapidly, so any ugly bare or faded patches are immediately covered, leaving an even surface without your assistance. This enables you to keep a tidy and appealing lawn that you can enjoy.


 When you want a pristine-looking lawn, Active Turf provides top-grade Sir Walter Buffalo turf that is guaranteed to last. It is well-suited to Australia’s environment and is inherently resistant to insect and weed invasion. This turf adds a lush finishing touch to any backyard or outdoor area.



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