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Six things to consider before choosing an estate agent to sell your home

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Six things to consider before choosing an estate agent to sell your home

Moving is frequently regarded as one of life’s most traumatic situations. While the estate agent you pick to assist you to sell your property may occasionally take away some of the burdens, many of you discover that they add to it instead. Before we reveal HOW, we would suggest you to check the ASAP Cash Offer – We Buy Houses Houston in case you are planning to sell your Houston house anytime soon.

In December 2017, we asked 2,005 homeowners about their most recent experiences buying and selling their homes. The most popular method to sell a home is to use an estate agent – 86% of respondents had done so in the past.

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48% of respondents said they had no issues with their estate agent throughout the selling process, while 47% had at least one problem with their agent, demonstrating that choosing the proper agent is crucial. But how can consumers pick an estate agency and avoid ending up with one that makes things more difficult?

According to our poll, most individuals compare several criteria before making a selection, with the following comparisons being the most popular:

What are the most essential questions to ask a real estate agent? What factors should you pay attention to while searching for an estate agent? Scroll down to learn more about choosing an estate agency from our professional guidance on selecting one, and click here to use our new, free high street estate agent comparison tool.

Various valuations

The majority of you (65 per cent) compared valuations from various estate agents to choose which one to employ to sell your property. While this does provide a sense of the price you could expect for your house, it isn’t necessarily the most accurate predictor of which firm is ideal for you.

Don’t solely rely on the agent who values your property the most – while a high price may appear tempting, an agent may under-value your home to acquire your business. This can backfire in the long run since it will take longer to sell and you might have to reduce the selling price.

Achieved asking prices and selling times are typically better indications of value. For further information on assessing the value of your property, see how much is your house worth? document

Quoted selling fees

A percentage of the selling price is common among high street estate agents. This percentage can differ based on your location, the size of your home, market trends, and whether you are working with a single or several agents. Online estate agents typically provide fixed-price packages with an upfront fee.

This method involves paying an upfront fee to a firm, which will then sell your property on your behalf. Our guide to online estate agents explains the benefits and drawbacks of this approach. Remember that you can negotiate estate agent costs since they won’t want to lose your business.

The types of property they’ve sold before

The majority of sellers only used this method to pick their estate agent, but agents that have prior experience selling homes similar to yours will be aware of what your potential clients are searching for. Look for comparable properties on the market in the region and determine which estate agencies they’re being marketed through.

They can also have a sizable number of potential purchasers on their books, which is something you’ll want to know before making an offer. They may be able to provide you with information about how your home compares to others on the market. They may also have a pool of prospective buyers that is comparable to or superior to those in other neighbourhoods.

Comparing reviews of estate agents

It’s usually a good idea to get word-of-mouth recommendations before hiring an estate agent. To learn more about your neighbours’ experiences with local estate agents from both a selling and buying standpoint, talk to them.

Before making a final decision, there’s a lot you’ll need to know about estate agents’ services, so use our questions-and-answers checklist to ensure you’re fully informed. You are going to want to maximize when selling your home. Buying Property 215 has mentioned if you plan to sell your home, you can use a realtor to get the most money. There are also options for using a cash buyer if you have too many repairs.

Achieved asking prices

So, how do estate agents make sure that their asking prices are maintained? One way to do this is by checking whether they have a history of overvaluing homes. An estate agent that frequently sells at the property’s ask price is more likely to value your home reasonably.

Several agents are selling houses in your region at a price that is too high. They will wait an extra two months to sell, which is an additional strain on you. In our new comparison tool below, assess which agents have obtained the most asking prices in your neighbourhood.

Selling times

If you’re on a deadline and need to get the job done fast, past estate agent selling times might be a helpful hint. Agents that correctly value properties, have a sufficient number of potential purchasers, and can negotiate between buyer and seller may sell homes quickly and assist the process go as smoothly as possible.

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